Wendy Bouchard, happy mom of a baby Lily : “She’s awesome !”

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Wendy Bouchard – launch party for the Sidaction 2016 at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris on march 7, 2016. © Giancarlo Gorassini/Bestimage

The young mother speaks…

Last August 4, Wendy Bouchard gave birth to a little Lily. Two months later, the facilitator of the Boulevard de la Seine (every Saturday at 11: 25 am on France 3) has agreed to lift part of the veil on his life of a young mother…

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Asked by Here in Paris, the journalist, 37-year-old immediately commented : “That is beautiful. I have the impression to be in a parallel world. I found my activities a little, but it’s so nice to be woken up by that little smile. I have the feeling that she understands everything, she is attentive to what I do… I do a bit of projection, of course… but she is a great person.”

Eager to be caring for her baby before returning to the path of the morning by Europe 1 (it will have to be up every day at 2 o’clock in the morning !), Wendy Bouchard said that she had to heart to breastfeed her little in the meantime. “It’s going to be 2 months and I breastfeed still. I make small breaks between filming. (…) I’ll try to do it as long as possible. It seems important to me. It feels good and she loves. We found all the two,” she assured.

Finally, the pretty thirty-year-old – who does not wish to speak of her love – has agreed to reveal why she had chosen the name Lily for her child… and it is a very pretty story. “His first name comes from Peter Pan. My parents wanted my first name to contrast with Bouchard, which is a name of the soil. My mom’s name is Dorothy, and, to perpetrate the tradition, my daughter is called Lily as Lily the Tigress of Peter Pan. It is a blink of an eye !”, she explained.

An interview to discover it in full in Here Paris, currently on newsstands.

Long live the life ! pic.twitter.com/NZTANHoTbP

— Wendy Bouchard (@WendyBouchard) 13 August 2017

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