Went to EU countries: On the border with Russia detained a group of migrants from India and Pakistan

Ехали в страны ЕС: На границей с Россией задержали группу мигрантов из Индии и Пакистана

On the Ukrainian-Russian border, the Ukrainian border guards detained a group of migrants From India and Pakistan who tried through Ukraine to get to EU countries. This was reported in the Public border service of Ukraine.

“Law enforcement received information about a possible violation of the state border in the direction of the village of Okhrimivka. Finding unknown persons who moved from Russia to enter the Ukraine, the border guards immediately detained a group of seven people. There were 2 citizen of India and 5 citizens of Pakistan,” the statement reads.

According to the detainees, they tried to enter the territory of Ukraine in order to get to EU countries.

Now continue verification activities and preparation of materials on administrative offences.

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