Western sanctions for the first time affected the coal industry in Russia

coal industry of Russia
coal industry of Russia

Sanctions the United States and European Union for the first time touched the Russian coal industry.
No sector or point penalties Russian vuhlevydobuvachiv while not related, but the American Eximbank refused to insure export credits for the supply of “Karakay Invest” technologies and equipment for the production of synthetic oil from coal and gas, wrote on Friday, “Kommersant”.
As the chairman and owner of “Karakay Invest” George Krasnyansky contract for the supply of necessary equipment for the plant from the United States was foiled because of the position Eximbank.
The planned capacity of the plant, which were build in the Kemerovo region, is 3.5 million tons of coal. During the year the company would produce produce 1.2 million tons of oil and 0.8 billion cubic meters. m syngas.

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