What a final!

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HOCKEY. The presence of the Predators and Penguins in Stanley Cup final offer to the NHL a great final, a good map of marketing. Nashville and Pittsburgh do not represent the best economic markets and television, but they were the two teams that will provide the best show and win the hearts of the hockey lovers.

It would have been interesting that our cousins in Ontario have access to the final to feed our fiber of canada, but when one speaks of the band to Crosby, the borders fall, because Sid is a guy in us.

The Preds represent, a bit like the Penguins, moreover, a franchise that is installed in a market that is non-traditional. It was not natural to establish a team in Tennessee. To give a little reason to the commissioner, Gary Bettman, the Preds have survived, almost against all the odds. The first owners, out of breath somewhat, have passed the baton over to others who have then insured the survival of the franchise.

The result is interesting, because in controlling its budget, the director-general David Hair has managed to give this team a breath of interest that leads them to present hockey of quality, to raise the passions in a market traditionally sold at football.

The city of Nashville vibrates to its Predators. The presence of P. K. Subban is certainly not an item to be despised. It is known, this is a player spectacular, a promotional tool for the NHL. Effective, but more arranged, his teammates Rinne, Ellis, Josi and Fisher focus more on what is happening on the ice.

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Without taking anything away from the work of P. K. during the game, pretty important as we say, it fulfils an important task for the organization, but also for the NHL. It is a charismatic character who goes in front of microphones and cameras. He had to see P. K., during the media day prior to the match number one, wandering in the arena of the Penguins with a microphone in the colors of the NHL, accompanied by a cameraman, asking questions to his teammates and entertaining the media. He has also entertained the public. P. K. loves this kind of attention.

On the other hand, for the monster with two heads, the Penguins, their participation in the final is a sixth visit to the big dance. The Penguins are also a franchise saved in extremis from bankruptcy and relocation.

A few weeks ago, we were doing the analysis the draft picks of the HP compared to his opponents. We should remember that it is the lottery, Crosby saved the Penguins out of the doldrums. Subsequently, the advent of Fleury, Malkin, Letang and others came to solidify a core of very talented around the number 87.

The presence of the best hockey player in the world at the heart of this final is a good thing for the NHL and for hockey.

As long as the talent will bring to the end, the sport will be healthy. In this chapter, the Predators and the Penguins are certainly a “match-up” winner for the League.

Address to the nation

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As is the case prior to the beginning of each final, Gary Bettman and his eternal sidekick, Bill Daly, took the microphone before the start of hostilities in Pittsburgh.

There were still a few colleagues from quebec who wanted to know the future of Quebec in the NHL. Politely, but without more details, Bettman and Daly have said that this was not for any of the following.

The imbalance between the number of teams between the East and the West discriminates against Québec. But there are still a few lame ducks; I’m repeating myself, but I remind you that Winnipeg is back in the NHL against all odds, as the alternative. I still have the belief today that it will be the same for Quebec.

Even if Bettman remains confident, there are still lame ducks as the Coyotes, the Hurricanes, and even the Islanders, for which solutions do exist, but that do not point yet to the horizon.

The Olympics

During this exchange with the press, Bettman responded curtly to the possibility of a reversal of the situation concerning the players ‘ presence in Korea next year. “We fixed the situation last march. Have I been clear enough?” The answer still resonates.

The NHL will release its regular schedule for the season 2017-18 of here in a few weeks, and there is no pause olympic scheduled. You will tell me that there may be someone who has a plan B hidden in a drawer in New York? Maybe. But, like a return of the Nordiques to Quebec, the olympic flame does not seem to burn very strong among the owners of the NHL.

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