What are warning recurring dreams

О чем предупреждают повторяющиеся сны

What are warning recurring dreams

Recurring dreams happen at any age, at intervals of a few days or even years. According to psychologists, such dreams indicate the area of life that most worries us. Intrusive dreams can also be the result of emotional traumas, which the waking man tries to drown, so the subconscious mind produces negative emotions during sleep.

To ignore such a situation is impossible, it is simply dangerous. If the dream causes fear and anxiety, is all thoughts and distracts from the cases, it is necessary to seek the assistance of a therapist. This category includes dreams, repeated from generation to generation. Although these dreams are extremely rare and their value is decoded individually for each family.

The unconscious mind will help you to find it

If you often see the same dream, try to understand what the problem is. Analyze what’s bothering you and makes it impossible to properly relax at night. And if you can’t change the situation in life, try to do it in my sleep – “rewrite” his script. According to psychotherapists, such programming will improve the situation in reality as it changes, the dream will go away.

Every night remember the content of the obsessive dream and give vent to their imagination. Imagine the events as you would like to develop actually. And don’t forget: the finale of the dream must necessarily be favourable to you.

Remember, when I saw the dream first and what events he may be involved with. Think about what he is able to warn you, and what tasks need to be addressed. Highlight the most important thing present in every dream. This can be a place, event, words, or characters.

Watch what part of the dream repeats itself exactly, and what is constantly changing. Write down on paper all that was a dream: the development of the plot, colors, thoughts, emotions. When we remember some dreams, pay attention to what they have in common. This likely is the cause of obsessive sleep. Other details of the dream may suggest a way out of the situation.

There are problems with health?

Recently the doctors came to the conclusion that recurring dreams can warn about diseases that have not yet manifested. The fact that during sleep the brain detects the slightest failure in the work of the body, and unpleasant dreams usually appear much earlier than overt symptoms of disease. For example, a dream in which you bathe in cold water, it can predict a cold, get sick, stomach trouble, fear and depression – heart disease.

These are the dreams that a person sees at the beginning of the disease, when it is in its infancy. Dreams “predicting” a sore throat, usually dream about on the eve of the disease, chronic gastritis – in the past month, the infectious disease for a week, hypertension for three months.

If you think that the dream “predicts” you are the disease, you should not despair. Get tested at a clinic it is possible that you are healthy and just misinterpreted the dream. In this case you need to pay attention to psychological or life problems that are troubling you.

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