What surprised the lions in the autumn: Where to go and where to stay

  • Чем удивит Львов осенью: Куда пойти и где остановиться

  • Чем удивит Львов осенью: Куда пойти и где остановиться

  • Чем удивит Львов осенью: Куда пойти и где остановиться

This autumn in Lviv is preparing for the local and tourists a lot of surprises – book forum, a feast of wine and cheese, coffee festival and many other events that gather crowds of enthusiastic visitors.

The most anticipated event of the Lviv autumn – 2018

The first calendar of the fall holidays is the festival “coffee in Lviv” (September 13-16) at the Museum square and the Liberty Avenue. The visitors can enjoy a variety of coffee flavors and vote for the best coffee shop in the city. 19 September in locations around Lviv unfold the 25th anniversary Forum of publishers. The book festival runs until 23 September and will gather writers and book lovers from all over Ukraine.

Tourists who come to Lviv on 28-30 September, will be able to attend the Festival of craft beer on-site creative space for relaxing FESTrepublic.

The festival will be dedicated to beer, brewed from fresh hops cones. 12-15 October in Lviv Palace of arts will host the national Chocolate Festival, visitors expected, the fair and workshops from renowned chocolatiers. Another highlight of autumn in Lviv will be a cheese and wine Festival (October 19-21), which will be deployed on the territory of the Palace of Potocki.

The most popular accommodation options in Lviv

During major festivals and holidays there is a revival not only in the tourist locations of the city but also in the market of daily rent. Hotels and hostels will be booked weeks in advance – the closer to the date of your visit, the harder it will be to find an inexpensive room that will suit and the prices, and amenities. On the other hand, consistently will be in demand luxury hotels with a substantial number of stars that can offer not only the exciting and unique view from the Windows, but the prestige of being at such institution.

The surge in popularity expect of an apartment in Lviv, because it is the best accommodation option in terms of price-quality and the most convenient in terms of location, most of these apartments are concentrated in the Old town, near tourist places. In addition, it is the most comfortable option for those who come with friends or family, and so for the holidays, the city comes to most tourists.

The cost of daily rent of housing will vary according to the standard to explore the city principle: weekdays are cheaper, weekends and holidays – more expensive. However, when booking in advance there is a great chance to negotiate discounts and choose the best option. So, rent a one-room apartment in Lviv this fall from 400 hryvnia per day for 2 persons, two bedroom – 600 for 4 people, three – room-from 800 UAH for 6 or more people. Note that prices during festivals and holidays can be twice as high.

The secret of a good weekend in Lviv in autumn – book your accommodation in advance and immediately plan your time so you don’t miss the fun.

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