What to do if you found someone else’s Bank card

Что делать, если нашёл чужую банковскую карту

Do not hurry to rejoice easy money. Much wiser and safer to call the Bank.

1. Don’t think about the freebie

Even if the card is still not locked, to use it is unlikely to succeed.

  • When you try to pay something online the password will be sent to the phone number holder. Almost everywhere provides two-factor authentication.
  • When you try to withdraw cash you’ll get to the cameras, which are equipped with ATMs.

Instead of freebies more real to life. Article 159.3, Article 159.3. Fraud using electronic means of payment of the Penal code for attempted hacking someone else’s account provides for a fine of up to 120,000 rubles, compulsory or correctional labour or imprisonment up to three years. Also, criminal proceedings may be initiated for theft.

2. Don’t look for the owner

The hassle of re-issuing credit cards is not your problem. The noble impulse to return loss can turn against you.

Let’s say you have found a card holder via the social network (lucky is a rare name). But in person, instead of “thank you” to the accusation of theft. Under psychological pressure of the swindler really easy to believe that the account disappeared N rubles, and get the money out of your pocket.

To place ads on the Internet — is also a bad idea. If the card is not blocked, its details, scammers can take advantage of.

Что делать, если нашёл чужую банковскую карту

The web all walks of life hack, when transferred to a minimal amount on the card and in the comments ask the owner to contact the sender. There is nothing illegal, because you are not shooting, and credit money. But also need to be careful, people are different. Such method is possible, if you find a map somewhere in the office or in the entrance of his house. Probably lost it to someone from colleagues or neighbors.

Anastasia Loktionov, Deputy General Director of “Rusmikrofinans”

3. Call the Bank

We inform you that the card is lost, and dictate her number. This will help the holder save money if it is not enough loss.

The hotline phone Bank listed on the back of the plastic carrier. The Bank will contact the customer and will block the card.

Lost card is considered compromised. Financially savvy person would not to use it.

No matter debit or credit card is lost. Should any re-issue, or at least to change the pin code, if the loss is suddenly found.

Anastasia Loktionov, Deputy General Director of “Rusmikrofinans”

4. Destroy plastic carrier

After a call to the Bank, cut the card with scissors into several pieces and discard. Better in different trash cans.

The card is the property of the Bank (it is written on the back). Formally, the holder shall not himself be destroyed, even if expired. In practice, nobody will understand, who and as got rid of expired or compromised cards. Indeed, in this case it is just a piece of plastic.

Anastasia Loktionov, Deputy General Director of “Rusmikrofinans”

Find orphan Bank card to anything you do not oblige. The easiest option is to pass by. But if raised, proceed wisely.