What to watch for today?

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    The trial of Lac-Mégantic, the following

    The trial of the three ex-employees of the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic (MMA) continues to grow. They are accused of criminal negligence having caused the death of 47 people in Lac-Mégantic, in the night of 5 to 6 July 2013.


    Today, it will be the turn of the prosecutors of the head of the train, Thomas Harding, to present their arguments in defence. It is he who has stopped the crazy train at Nantes, about 12 km from the village, on the evening of the tragedy. The lawyers of his co-accused Jean Demaître and Richard Labrie have completed their arguments last week.


    The judge Gaetan Dumas should give his instructions to the jury Wednesday morning. This will then be the time of the deliberations.

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    Using to die in the superior Court

    The federal act on medical assistance to die is being challenged in Quebec superior Court. But not to be forbidden : it is rather the opposite.


    Represented by lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard, Jean Truchon and Nicole Gladu believe that the federal law is discriminatory and unconstitutional. By refusing help to dying, it violates the canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, they argue.


    It is that they meet all the conditions to get medical help to die, except one : that of being end-of-life.

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    The great mass of the giants of the techno

    Robots, autonomous cars, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence… industry techno holds its grand-messe in Las Vegas this week. The organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show (ces) expect 170 000 visitors and about 4000 exhibitors from 150 countries.


    The edition in 2018 to the esc is officially off tomorrow, but it will not prevent Samsung, Sony, LG and other Toyota start celebrating… today, they will present their featured products to the media.


    Remains to be seen whether the concerns raised this week by the revelation of the “Spectrum” and “Meltdown” — two security vulnerabilities major in microprocessors, the heart of all electronic devices — will come to spoil the party.