What you have missed celebrating the arrival of 2018

Violent protests have erupted in Iran, the garbage bags have taken their reverence, Kim Jong-un wants to participate in the olympic Games to Pyeongchang, and Donald Trump has taken advantage of the long weekend to tweet (much tweeter).


We offer you a catch up of the news that marked the last days of the year 2017 and the first two days of 2018.

  • 1
    Iran under pressure

    In Iran, violent protests have shaken the country, making 21 deaths of which 16 demonstrators and a police officer. The protests began Thursday in Mashhad, the second largest city in the country. They are widespread in several cities to protest against the rising inflation and the unemployment rate.

    In the Face of the floods, the country has blocked access to social networks. The president, Hassan Rohani, has claimed to reject ” violence and destruction of public property “, but also that it is necessary to create ” a space for supporters of the revolution and the people can express their concerns day-to-day “. Donald Trump has reacted on Twitter to the situation in Iran by supporting the protesters. “Iran fails at all levels, despite the very bad agreement with the Obama administration,” he said. For his part, ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, has come out of its silence on Tuesday, accusing “enemies” of Iran of being the instigators of the disorders.

  • 2
    No plastic bags light in Montreal

    The rules of the City of Montreal prohibiting the distribution of plastic bags light is coming into force on Monday. Clients must now use plastic bags thicker, paper bags, or reusable bags. The shops benefit from a period of stay up to June 5, to implement the regulations. After this date, they risk heavy fines of up to $4000.

  • 3
    The vows of Carles Puigdemont to Catalonia

    In the greeting that he addressed to the catalan people for the new year, Carles Puigdemont, has required political negotiation and the restoration by Madrid of his government, deposed after the declaration of independence of October 27. Exiled to Brussels, the independence leader risk detention on remand if he went back to Spain. If he stays in Belgium, to his inauguration as president following the regional elections of 21 December will be organized at a distance.

  • 4
    The vows of Justin Trudeau for the New Year

    Justin Trudeau has released on Sunday its declaration of the New Year. The prime minister expressed the hope that 2018 will be marked with the seal of the values of openness, compassion, equality, and inclusion. He also took the opportunity to throw a few flowers to his government, which he said he had managed to achieve ” real progress “, but “there’s still a lot of work to do” in the coming year.

  • 5
    The wishes of Kim Jong-un in the world

    “The button nuclear is always on my desk,” said the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un in a New Year’s message in which he reaffirmed the military ambitions of his country. He also promised to intensify the production of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles, against all the odds.

    On a note a little less dark, Mr. Kim seemed to want to reach out to the South Koreans , showing himself to be open to the participation of North Korea in the Olympic games to Pyeongchang next month. South Korea responded Tuesday, saying it was always open to discussions.

  • 6
    An american fund against sexual harassment in the workplace

    The project ” Time’s Up “, launched in the United States by more than 300 artisans from the cultural community, is at the origin of the creation of a legal aid fund for the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Thirteen million dollars have already been raised by the organization. A “letter of solidarity” with this project has been co-signed by many Hollywood personalities and published in the New York Times and The Opinion. “Time’s Up” is addressed to those who do not have the financial means to defend themselves, regardless of their sector of activities.