Wheelchair from Kherson for almost a month can not get out of the house – the city authorities disconnected the building has an Elevator

Инвалид-колясочник из Херсона почти месяц не может выйти из дома – городские власти отключили в здании лифт

The inhabitant of Kherson Vyacheslav Shevchenko for more than 20 days can not get out of the house since its building, the utility turned off a working Elevator. He wrote about this in the Facebook group “Special: all about people with special needs.”

“Today is the twentieth day, as I’m playing Rapunzel. Sitting in his sixth floor and look out the window, not whether there’s a mayor to enable me lift. My name is Slava, I am 34 years old and I’m in a wheelchair. 30 July 181а on the street Perekopskaya disabled lifts for end of life, absolutely work just lift off. This is my witch – satakieli, that left me without an active life, quests and quests. Things could get even worse if you need for some reason to the hospital. At the moment we know that the Commission has identified the need to repair the Elevator for the sum about 100 thousand hryvnias, of course, OSBB no such money, and the city authorities still persist in ignoring this problem,” – wrote Shevchenko.

According to the man, appeal to the governmental hot line brought no results, “except for the replies from local authorities that “there is no money, but you hold fast.”

We will remind, the municipal enterprise “Kyivpastrans” in 2016, has spent 10 million 404 thousand UAH for installation of special lifts for people with disabilities at the light rail stations. However, none of these lifts is not working.

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