When a group ceases to be one?

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“When Peter Gabriel left Genesis (replaced by Phil Collins (pictured)], many thought that this group here, would not survive. However, it is false. They have had so many more success after his departure,” says Laurent Saulnier.

Thanks to hits like Somebody Told Me or Mr. Brightside, four pretty faces, responding to name The Killers became in 2004 the standard-bearer of a return on the FM airwaves with the sound of new wave relegated from the 1990s to the dustbin of the ringardise. Nearly 15 years later, in spite of the albums rarely more than acceptable, the group still has the capacity to offer speakers, such as the Place Bell arena laval brand new on the scene in which singer Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. go up this Saturday night.


But without the guitarist Dave Keuning neither the bassist Mark Stoermer. Although remaining members of the formation, the two musicians chose a few months ago to wear pale the time of this tour, in order to devote themselves to their family and to their studies. But does it here matter to demand a refund ? Not exactly, to the extent that Brandon Flowers has always embodied the heart and soul of the Killers.


This absence largely anecdotal door, however, in its hollow a question which has of all time turlupiné music lovers loving the metaphysics : when a group ceases to be one ?

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Laurent Saulnier is the kind of music lover. He submits to our attention two cases. “When Peter Gabriel left Genesis, many have thought that this group here, would not survive. However, it is false. They have had so many more success after his departure. But for the old fans, a blow that Peter Gabriel is gone, this was no longer the same band. Yet, it is still the same musicians, ” stresses the subject of the legends of the prog English former journalist rock, now vice-president of programming and production at Spectra.


“My second example is hypothetical : if Chris Martin decides to put outside the other three clowns and keep the name Coldplay, is that someone will really ask if it still is Coldplay ? “


La Bottine-tine-tine without Yves Lambert-bert-bert

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Yves Lambert

Other cases less clear invite to debates more muscular. Last summer, the Festival international de jazz de Montreal received the Four Tops, the vocal quartet who laid the foundations of the sound of Motown. Trained from 1953 to 1997 of the same four gentlemen, the group is decimated by the grim reaper from 1997. Only the tenor Abdul “Duke” Fakir survives today to his colleagues (in some cases replaced by their sons).


“With the Four Tops, one is in a situation so unlike that of Genesis, suggests Laurent Saulnier. The public does not care, a little of that is in the Four Tops. What we want to hear is the hits. Maybe, in 50 years, it is always going to be a group that will be called the Four Tops. This is the directory that account. “


This is the directory that account. This is what also advocates Jocelyn Lapointe, a trumpet player in La Bottine souriante since 1995. In 2002, when Yves Lambert left the band become synonymous with music trad in Quebec, many fans believe that the group has whistled his last glass of beer (with the stove). The venerable bearded was the last musician to have been of all its mutations.


“There have always been departures in The Boots, recalls Lapointe. And then, when Yves Lambert is a party, there were musicians who were there since 12 or 15 years. For us, The Boots, it is a spirit, it is a catalogue. This is not a person. “


A new album by Offenbach in march ? Han ?

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Gerry Boulet

Against all odds, the voice mystifiante Martin Deschamps breathes in 1997, an astonishing form of legitimacy on the scene of Offenbach, which will be then various incarnations, conducted by the guitarist John McGale, with the assistance of the legendary founder Johnny Gravel, and Breen LeBoeuf.


Despite the departure of LeBoeuf in 2008, and that of Gravel in 2014, McGale recently announced the release of a new album by Offenbach in march. Ghislain Robidas, who held formerly the role of Gerry Boulet in a group tribute to Offenbach, will raise his voice on a series of previously unreleased songs, the first since Rockorama (1985).


“It just devastates me atterre. The word Offenbach has become an empty container, because the content is elsewhere, ” says the inimitable Pierre Harel, a founding member of Offenbach, who, in slamming the door in 1974.

If Chris Martin decides to put outside the other three clowns and keep the name Coldplay, is that someone will really ask if it still is Coldplay ?
Laurent Saulnier

Under the name ” SOS R’n’r Tribute to the Musicians and Lyricists who have transited in Offenbach “, first of all a group Facebook, Harel presents for 2016 shows casual in the company of former Offenbach, Martin Deschamps, Johnny Gravel, Breen LeBoeuf and Pat Martel. “We play the songs that we have written and composed, but we do not want the name Offenbach. McGale, on his side, is the only one which is passed by Offenbach in his group. Don’t you think that it looks like a lot of a tribute band, its case ? “


The tours meeting who are not really


Last November, the formation of grunge american Stone Temple Pilots announced that it was going ahead, regardless of the overdose of their original singer Scott Weiland and the suicide of his successor, Chester Bennington. The Feud began this summer on a tour, meeting, without several of the important members of the period Calvary. Guns N’ Roses rameutait tens of thousands of flea-ridden jungle of the island of Our Lady in August, when the judgment montreal of his triumphal tour meeting, consisting only three of its original members (out of five). Legitimate management of heritage, historical revisionism or false representation ?


“The problem that we currently have, is that there are far too many people who live in the nostalgia. It is that fact that some groups manage to persist while they are more interesting for a very long time, ” says Laurent Saulnier about this flood of training, proclaiming their return without too much embarrassing detail. “I would like to bin it at one time, people are also curious of what’s coming tomorrow than what happened yesterday. “