When history repeats itself

History seems to be repeating itself. Twenty years after the death in Montmagny of a young man trapped in his vehicle while braving a snowstorm to return to his home, Michaël Fiset and Pierre Thibault perished near the first drama in apparently similar circumstances .
At least this is the opinion of the garage mechanic Germain Samson of Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud who ironically was involved in both the events of February 22, 1997 and those of March 15, 2017 The two employees of Gilmyr Transports called his brother and business partner Gilbert to come to their rescue. The latter advised them to abandon their vehicle and go to sleep in the nearest residence.
According to Germain Samson, in both cases, motorists made the decision to take the road knowingly in spite of disastrous weather conditions. “It is to understand nothing of it,” he pested, lamenting the fatal outcome. All the more so, he said, that his brother was not the only one to advise the two men last Tuesday night to abandon their project.
A work colleague, Remi Voisine, offered them his roof so that they avoided taking the road that they knew was bad. His wife, France Nicole, confirmed to the Sun the proposal of his spouse. “He had offered Pierre [Thibault] to come home,” she explains.
The latter would have been hesitant to use his car while Michaël Fiset convinced him to embark with him in his van. “He probably thought it was good to get through the snow,” said Nicole, who thought the move was rash.
Mother Nature was right in their bravado. After getting bogged down, Michaël Fiset reportedly tried to get help from the nearest house, according to his spouse at Radio-Canada. Then, he contacted the garage Samson who said he could not get out with his tow truck.
In distress, the duo finally contacted the Sûreté du Québec, which sent snowmobile policemen. They were forced to turn back and take refuge in the nearest house after walking two kilometers. Stéphanie Couture, the spouse of Michaël Fiset, is convinced that the authorities have failed in their duty to rescue her lover. “There was a big shortage somewhere,” she said in an interview with the crown corporation.
The two men were finally found in the morning less than 25 kilometers from the place where 20 years ago a young man had also lost his life during a snowstorm.
Improvised management and excessive temerity
At the time, Coroner Gilles Perron had concluded that the death of François Goupil, found dead in his vehicle on Route 281 in Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse between Highway 132 and Highway 20, had been caused by A combination of circumstances and an excess of temerity.
The 21-year-old mechanic had stuck in the snow for the first time. He was then repaired by a tow truck from the Samson garage, which had helped him get out of the snow. But François Goupil persisted in his desire to go to his home on the same road. It was there that his vehicle was caught a second time and that the rescue found him almost 36 hours later, poisoned with carbon monoxide.
The Ministry of Transport (MTQ) was particularly blamed for the “improvised management of operations” on this portion of the road, as several people drove to the location of the young mechanic’s Never see his presence.
Mr. Samson argued that in 1997, his employee had done everything in his power to help Francois Goupil. “But when you have people who do not want to understand anything, you can not feel guilty because the world does not reason on common sense,” he concluded

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