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    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

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    While most summer theatres are comedies weird, the Théâtre de l’île in Gatineau, is an exception in providing its viewers with a suspense-thrillers. It is the room The reverse side of the crime, signed by playwright Frederick Knott, who has been chosen.

    The play, which has been the subject of a film adaptation in 1954 – The crime was almost perfect (Dial M For Murder) with Grace Kelly, tells the story of a machiavellian plan to remove someone. It is the director and artistic director of the Theatre of the Island, Sylvie Dufour, who has chosen this show to introduce its viewers to a room that was outside the usual range. Like the original script, the piece, which is presented for the first time in French, is set in London in 1953. It has, however, been modernised by Josée La Bossière, who has done the translation and adaptation. “She is more inspired version film than the theatrical version,” notes the actor Nicholas Smith, who takes part in the distribution of a play at the Theatre of the Island for the seventh time.

    It is also him who holds the principal role, personifying Tony, a former tennis champion, who married a woman for her fortune. “He wants to murder his wife to get rid of them permanently “, lance-t-il.

    A murder planned

    If Tony wants to murder his wife, Margot, is that it is located in the heart of a love triangle. The woman wealthy took advantage of the absence of her husband, on a trip abroad to find a lover. The chosen of his heart is a young author of detective novels. “He is afraid that his wife leaves him and leaves him penniless,” says the actor. Thus, for a year, Tony will fine-tune his plan to kill his wife.

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    It will also take care to forge an alibi in concrete.


    To put his plan into execution, he would seek the help of a former university friend who is not white as snow. “It’s going to use him for the murder of his wife,” says the actor.

    Being aware of the wheeling and dealing of his friend, who has, in particular, stolen the money of an old lady, Tony will sing and the will to become a killer.

    “If it doesn’t help to kill his wife, he threatens to denounce it,” reveals Nicolas Desfossés. Will add to the characters, a police inspector rather smart.

    Although we are in a suspense, the play also has a few moments of crazy. “There is a light and comic, which is appreciated by the spectators “, says the actor.

    As in any good thriller, nothing is going to happen as planned and the big loser may be not the one that we had thought.

    The reverse of the crime

    • Author : Frederick Knott
    • Translation and adaptation : Jenna The Bossière
    • Directed by : Sylvie Dufour
    • Distribution : Richard Bénard, Nicholas Smith, Benjamin Gaillard, Dave Jenniss, Andrée Rainville
    • On display until 26 August
    • At the Théâtre de l’île (Gatineau)