When the hail gets involved

eugenie-bouchardCHRONIC / There are two subjects that have attracted attention last week in the region. The first is of course the miserable weather we know from the beginning of the summer. This is also a disaster for the area golf clubs. I can tell you that I have great admiration for superintendents clubs, because after the rain, we were treated to hail last week.

It was quite a commotion of battle. Hail caused a lot of damage on several green in some clubs. Soon, we saw experienced superintendents, who have prioritized the work to be done. Several employees told me they were practically income at the same stage in the early season, with the presence of several leaves and branches everywhere on the grounds. After a few days we hardly saw the damage caused by bad weather. We can say that Mother Nature is not very collaborator since the beginning of the season.

I read also the report in Le Progres Dimanche about precipitation. Our region is very different to what we see elsewhere in Quebec. We talk about a lot of rain. The question I ask myself: how did I managed to play more than 50 rounds of golf since the beginning of the season?

I am convinced that the place where it will be most felt is of course at the end of the season in the bottom line of golf clubs. In speaking with the leaders of some clubs, there is a marked decline in traffic and tournaments are also much fewer. Tournaments that are currently in place to draw fewer participants.

I also think the old tournaments, such as sport Plume Carbonneau Tremblay-tournament or the Open Marc Denis. These events attracted between 250 and 300 participants, but we do not see that now.

Last week, I saw a picture of the Tournament of Jonquière Hospital Foundation who spoke of funds raised and there were 120 golfers. I’ve participated and there were nearly 250 players in the same tournament. One of the Chicoutimi Hospital Foundation is struggling for a few years and we will attempt to revive this year with a new formula.

The only one who kept his 300 golfers, the tournament of the Foundation of La Baie hospital. It is a well established organization which is in position for several years and goodwill is the rendezvous.

Speaking of golf tournaments, there are also those clubs that attract fewer participants than before, which means less revenue. Clubs must live with this and I am convinced that we should expect, again, to increase the price of the membership card. It’s been a few years we saw this. We want to keep the good quality land, so you pay for.


Now back to my second point. Tennis was the topic of conversation last week with the presentation of the Rogers Cup in Montreal as with women, and Toronto with men. Our two headliners across Canada Eugenie Bouchard and Milos Raonic, performed well.

However, one that leaves no one indifferent, it’s Eugenie Bouchard. I think we are very strict with Eugenie. No, she has not returned to the same level of play it was two years, but his performances this year are still waiting for you. We can blame him many things, but for me, this is not necessarily the fact of breaking a racquet on the ground that bothers me a lot. It’s his attitude, especially his nonverbal annoys me. I call it maturity, and at 22, she has not yet acquired.

I think it would take a large household in his entourage. It takes him someone who will properly direct his career. Yes, mom is always very nice to be with her, but I think it’s time for a change of guard in Bouchard’s entourage.

Hole in one

Finally, the dream of every golfer is, of course, pass a hole in one. Sunday, Mario Lapointe, aka the little Mario, scored his third hole in one career, the ninth hole of the golf club Chicoutimi, with a 7 iron in hand. Like what it takes great talent to accomplish this feat. Congratulations Mario! I still dream of the day when I finally succeed this famous hole in one.

I conclude this column by mentioning that my nose has been good. Last week, I wrote in these pages that I really see Serge Proulx appointed Director of Operations in Chicoutimi. The news was made official on Monday afternoon by the Sags.

Interview by Jonathan Hudon

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