Where as in Ukraine you can get a package of baby after discharge mother from the hospital: instructions

Где и как в Украине можно получить пакет малыша после выписки матери из роддома: Инструкция

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine declares that if the “kid pack” will not be present in the hospital during discharge of the mother, it will be too late residence. About it reports a press-service of the government.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 30.05.2018 No. 427 “Some issues of implementation of pilot project for social protection of families with children and support the development of responsible parenthood” (with changes) and from 20.06.2018 No. 512 “Some issues of implementation of pilot project on provision for child birth lump-sum in-kind aid “package boy” (amended) project was launched.

So, every mother (other legal representative of a newborn baby), which is discharged from the hospital starting September 1, 2018, must obtain during the discharge of lump-sum assistance “package of the baby.”

In accordance with paragraph 9 of the Order granting the birth of a child a lump sum in-kind aid “package boy”, the approved resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 20.06.2018 No. 512 (amended) a discharge of a newborn baby in the maternity house did not help “pack the kid”, the local unit issues of social protection of the population on the basis of the statement of the beneficiary a “package boy” organizes the provision of the recipient of such assistance.

“Every mom who will be discharged from the hospital from September 1, 2018, may make a written application for a lump-sum in-kind aid “package boy” (application form attached) to the local unit social protection of the population. Applications can be submitted directly to the nursing home”, – have informed in the Ministry.

As a result of cooperation between maternity wards and departments on issues of social protection of the population, the statement will be submitted to the structural unit for the social protection of the population, which will provide “the kid” to the recipient’s place of residence (memo regarding receipt of lump sum in-kind aid “package boy” attached).

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