Where in Russia are preparing mercenaries? Came the answer

Где в России готовят наемников? Появился ответ

In Russia there are three major training center for terrorists to participate in combat operations on the territory of other countries.

One of these centres located in the Chechen Gudermes. It promised to build by 2016, but work is coming to an end just now. However, it is known that the soldiers of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has held training there, writes Columnist.

The second center is called “Wolf”. Branches of this organization are scattered all over Russia. And it was created on the basis of the notorious motorcycle club “Night wolves”.

“According to the organization’s website, they have branches not only in Russia but also in Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Taiwan. It is known that in 2016, the center opened a representative office in Crimea, where since that time regularly fees. In April, the Wolves were trained in Budapest. Meetings were held in other European countries,” the article says.

“Another military training base located in the hometown of Putin – St. Petersburg. Center “Partizan” specializiruetsya on the training of saboteurs in a special program that allows in a short time to teach “students” basic skills of subversive and terrorist activities,” — noted in the material.