Whether the plane is the safest transport

Действительно ли самолёт — самый безопасный транспорт

If you shudder at the thought of the flight, remind yourself on the statistics for accidents.

Very few people drink a sedative before you get in the car. But many are afraid to fly. But next time you go to the airport, remember that aircraft, statistically, the safest form of transport.

It’s hard to believe when you hear about the airplane crash in the news. But reports of this come in the news because of the disaster — such a rarity. The authors of the blog Mental Floss has collected the statistics of deaths in airplanes and other modes of transport.

ДаннымRoad Crash Statistics for the security Association of the international road safety (ASIRT), in the world in automobile accidents kill about 3 287 daily. It turns out approximately 1.3 million people per year. In addition to that another 20-50 million injured.

Compare these figures with those of commercial air transport, which представили2017 safest year on record for commercial passenger air travel of Dutch experts.

For every 16 million flights have only one crash.

According to another issledovaniyami the fatality risks in United States transportation across modes and over time , for every billion passenger miles undertaken by car, falls of 7.2 deaths. For aircraft, this value is 0.07.

Private planes are less safe than commercial. They have less security measures, and the pilots do not pass the strict selection rules. And still much less people die in private planes than in other types of transport.

If you do not carry the turbulence during the flight, the safest way is to choose bus or train. And only in last turn think about the car. Such a conclusion can be drawn from статистикиTransportation Fatalities by Mode accidents in the United States.