Who is Zakharchenko: the technician-electrician to leader of the militants DNR

Кто такой Захарченко: От техника-электромеханика до главаря боевиков ДНР

Alexander Zakharchenko was born on 26 Jun 1976 in Donetsk.

According to media reports militants and Russian, his father Ukrainian nationality – Russian mother. Vladimir Zakharchenko was a miner. Earlier, the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva said that parents Zakharchenko live on the territory controlled by Ukraine and receive pensions.

Also reported that Alexander Zakharchenko studied from secondary school № 4 in Donetsk. Then in the Donetsk College of industrial automation. Reported that he graduated with honors.

Profession: technician-electrician of the 6th discharge. About this Zakharchenko said in an interview with “MK” in 2014. Edition fighters say that Alexander Zakharchenko received in the Donetsk law Institute of MIA, but never finished it.

He worked at the mine as an electrician. Reached there sixth category.

When left with mine, he went into business. In this respect there is conflicting information: co-founder of OOO “Delta-Fort” – the company, which was engaged in different activities from publishing books to trade products, alcohol and tobacco; the head of the Donetsk branch of LLC “Complex Agromars”, the manufacturer of chicken meat (according to The Insider). In addition, published information about the fact that Zakharchenko was poglavlja trading house “Continent”. In one, the majority of Russian and separatist publications converge – Alexander Zakharchenko has led a lot of people.

He headed the Kharkov cell of public organization “Oplot”.

In April 2014 during the storming of the building of the Donetsk regional state administration Alexander Zakharchenko was among the attackers, according to some – was led by several armed men. According to Russian media, he explained his actions by the desire to articulate demands to the Ukrainian authorities. In particular, the invaders insisted on holding a referendum on the status of the Donetsk region.

In may 2014, the rebels proclaimed the independence of the so-called “Donetsk national Republic”. After a couple of days there was held “elections” so-called “government”. “The Prime Minister” has become a Russian citizen Alexander Boroday, but Alexander Zakharchenko was appointed “military commandant of Donetsk”.

In August Alexander Zakharchenko was replaced as “Prime Minister” of the so-called “DNR” of its predecessor. Media separatists reported that his candidacy was “supported unanimously”.

In early November 2014 in the occupied territories of Donetsk region was chosen leader. Alexander Zakharchenko became the “head” of the breakaway Republic. According to Russian media, he “voted” 765 thousand people, and is supposedly 75% of the “voters” in the occupied territories of the region. He “took the oath” and received “certification of the head of the “DNR”.

31 August 2018 became aware of the death of Alexander Zakharchenko.

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