Who’s who on the 2018 world Cup. Favorites and dark horses for the world Cup

Кто есть кто на ЧМ-2018. Фавориты и темные лошадки чемпионата мира по футболу

Who will win and will receive an impressive prize of 38 million?

June 14, kicks off the next world Cup – 21-th. It will take part 736 players and 32 teams will compete for the title of strongest on the planet will compete for a record $ 400 million prize pool.

Who will win and will receive an impressive prize of 38 million? It is unlikely that the champion will be new. The first will be someone from the “former” has already won the title. And most likely, whoever took it more than once. By the way, of those who have won before, only Italy (world champion 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006), sensationally beaten in the play-offs of Sweden. The rest on the spot.

Who is your favorite this month long marathon? Actually, in world football there is a “table of ranks” – recalculate the monthly FIFA rankings.

It is not designed to determine the best – there are tournaments, helps to reflect the real situation, and even used in the dispersion during the drawing of lots.

Modest owners

At the moment, the host of the 2018 world Cup Russia, which failed to win any of their last seven matches, starting in October 2017 (three draws and four defeats), has slipped to 70th position. This is the worst among all (!) participants of the tournament. Even kept a 67-th line Saudi Arabia – above. It’s funny that these teams will play in the opening match, which, by the way, the balls will serve not boys and girls.

Russia, given its latest results and standings in the FIFA rankings, risks to break the record for world Cup hosts. To this absolute loser among host countries were South Africa, the team which in 2010 is not out of the group, scoring four points in three matches.

About the brilliant results of the Uruguay (1930) Italy (1934), England (1966), Germany (1974) Argentina (1978) and France (1998), which won the home world Championships, while Russia can only dream of.

A list of the top favorites for the 2018 world Cup with a large margin leading the German national team – the reigning world champion. Behind her in the top 10 by estimations of bookmakers there are: Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Poland, Chile, Spain.

Isn’t it – not quite a familiar sight for people who are actively interested in world football and having a clear understanding of the balance of power, and for man, to pay attention to football only in the big battles – finals of the Champions League, European and world Championships. And correctly. No one in their right mind can assume that a world champion can become Switzerland, Poland or Chile…

Therefore, we consider the most realistic, in our view, the options regarding top contenders for the world crown. There are five of them. And then move on to those who can threaten on the smaller caliber medals – silver and bronze. This list a little more.

GERMANY (world champion 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014)

Bookmakers mostly see a final Brazil – Germany with the difficult victory of Brazilians. But much the same was said four years ago, and the favorites met in the semi-finals, and a persistent struggle did not happen – “Mannshaft” defeated the hosts of the 2014 world Cup – 7:1, leaving in the hearts of all Brazilians a lasting wound. The whole country was crying just like in a forgotten 1950, when the final at home “Rio de Janeiro” Brazilians were beaten by Uruguay.

Who only did not repeat the classic dictum star of English and world football in the second half of the 1980s and first 1990s by Gary Lineker, who with his tongue after retirement went not in coaches, and in journalism: “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win”. It is clear even with the initial level of proficiency in English: “Soccer – the game is simple. 22 man chase the ball for 90 minutes and the Germans always win”.

But in the history of the world Cup was only two cases when the holder of the title was able to hold it in my hands in four years. Succeeded Italy (1934, 1938) and Brazil (1958, 1962). After that, every world Cup has definitely been a change of government.

Moreover, though Germany is good, but not perfect. At the last European championship (2016), she was stopped in the semifinals of the French, which, however, no one was surprised – after all, France is the owner.

And now the Germans have weaknesses, even if they have passed the qualifying group without losing any points: 10 games – 10 wins.

The most vulnerable point after he hung up his boots the best scorer in the history of final tournaments of the world Cup Miroslav Klose (16 goals), striker role effectively. Score, mainly, linebackers, led by Thomas Muller. But one of the leaders of the attack Manchester city winger Leroy Sané whose father is Senegalese and mother French, the Germany coach Joachim löw for some reason in Russia did not take…

And another huge problem of German goalkeepers. When healthy, Manuel Neuer, post number one, on the contrary, was considered the main asset of Germany. However, it is due to a serious injury missed the entire season at Bayern, returned to action in may and haven’t had time to get in shape.

However, in the application were because reservists – Marc-Andre Ter Stegen from Barcelona and Kevin Trapp from PSG, though, and play for great clubs, the experience of playing in major tournaments teams don’t have. It is clear that such a character as now known have all Scouse Loris Karius even in the preliminary list of candidates was not listed even before his fantastic blunders in the final of the Champions League…

BRAZIL (world champion 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)

In General, be healthy Neuer, Germany was considered to the favorite No. 1. And so it is Brazil, not propustila any FM (the only one in the world!) and done, as long as it seems right conclusions from home fiasco 2014. Not immediately, however, because after the dismissal failed home world Cup Louise Felipe Scolari, nicknamed Sergeant by the new chief has appointed Carlos Dunga, who had no more successful experience with the national team.

And only in 2016 after a series of high-profile defeats set to lead the team not just a former player (as, incidentally, in Ukraine), and the present coach of Adenor Leonardo Bakke, in the football world known as Titus.

The new coach has shown himself free from the prejudices of their predecessors, believes that rely solely on players of the super clubs. When Titus became possible invitation to the national team from time to time, but regularly enough, players playing in Ukraine and even China.

Resulted in a formal request to Brazil for the world Cup were captain Tyson and now the former midfielder Donetsk club Fred, recently sold to “Manchester United” for 60 million euros. Were invited to view and left-back ismaily, which earlier we were thinking to naturalize. But the positions at Titus and no miner class selection.

Go to the world Cup and other former midfielder of Shakhtar, Fernandinho (Manchester city), Willian (Chelsea) and Douglas Costa (Juventus). The reason for many Ukrainian fans to sympathize with the Brazilians. Many wish they stayed in Russia longer…

Not the fact that they will play a lot, but in the current Brazil team even superstars – Barcelone Philippe Coutinho and less bright, but is essential to assuring reliability in midfield Casemiro from real Madrid – only a socket for a diamond – striker Neymar in the summer of 2017 moved from Barcelona to PSG for space 222 million euros.

In 2014 the match against Germany, Neymar missed through injury. It’s bad enough when the whole team depends on one player, but it was. With Neymar and without him it was two different teams of Brazil. Now mamarasulovich less.

And yet they (five times champion in Portuguese) in once, a reliable goalkeepers. Alisson from Roma and Ederson from Manchester city enter the top ten world goalkeepers. And even in the top five.

SPAIN (2010 world champion)

Favorite number three from Spain, even Spaniards of Kiev after the triumph at Euro 2012 (and before that it was winning the European championship in 2008 and the world Cup in 2010) and has not achieved outstanding success. And “Barcelona” which was built by the great “Furia Roja”, with the departure of the coaching post Josep Guardiola gradually abandoned invented by Catalan tricky tactics with a funny name “Tiki-Taka”.

The name is funny, and are serious – the pressure the opponent is already at his gate, and possession of the ball finding gaps in the defense. Kept a few.

U may already no team Dergacheva the strings in midfield, the Catalan Xavi, and is not the same as before, his former club-mate Andres Iniesta, recently signed a contract with Japanese club “Vissel Kobe”, giving the team charm and brilliance, an amazing organization left. Especially in defense, where the dissimilarity of political views did not prevent the coordinated actions of supporters of independence of Catalonia Gerard Pique from Barcelona and calling for a United Spain Sergio Ramos from real Madrid, whose name is on the ear after the Kiev Champions League final in connection with the injury inflicted to them by the leader of the “Liverpool” Mohamed Sallahu.

Spain in the list of favorites because its clubs have won five of their last five League Champions (real Madrid – 2014, 2016-2018; Barcelona 2015) and four of the five Leagues (“Seville” – 2014-2016, atlético – 2018). It doesn’t matter that the Spanish players are in these teams, figuratively speaking, play the piano and drag it. But the organization! Qualifying tournament, the Spaniards played with only one draw on the road against Italy.

FRANCE (world champion 1998)

Favorite No. 4 – France, which, we recall, with incredible difficulty was our team in the playoffs the 2014 world Cup. The French – stunning gene pool, regularly fueled by immigrants from former colonies and their descendants. Have someone create a game, have anyone to destroy, have anyone to complete.

Striker Atletico Madrid Antoine Griezmann, who really wants to buy “Barcelona”, but that seems even she couldn’t afford, according to bookmakers, is the third favorite in the top scorers. More likely to be the best only Barcelona Leo Messi and still Parisian Neymar. Them – Cristiano Ronaldo, the Englishman Harry Kane and Brazilian Gabriel BOM Jesus.

Perhaps this list was Frenchman Karim Benzema, but the striker of real Madrid is long not taken because of the scandal that erupted due to the fact that Karim was helping to blackmail his team-mate Mathieu Valbuena the threat of disclosure of his sexual preferences. Kicked us out. One – for, another – for it.

But nothing – doing a great job. Griezmann provides acute, Central defender raphaël Varane from real Madrid – reliability of the defence. In the center of the field, the reins are concentrated in the most expensive midfielder in the world Field Pogba from “Manchester United”.

ARGENTINA (world champion 1978, 1986)

Following France is Argentina. Team Lionel Messi, before the notorious fact that on the background of a brilliant game for Barcelona with the national team and he did not disclose the half of its enormous potential.

In Brazil four years ago, Argentina with his direct participation, reached the final, where it lost to Germany in extra time, but then – the old story and new threats to Leo to leave with the team. However, it’s just scary, knowing that failure will ricochet on it. First and foremost – financial.

Argentina – team forwards, which would be enough for several teams. The coach Jorge Sampaoli have to somehow try to find a place for everyone – for Messi and Gonzalo Higuain with Paulo Debaloy of Juventus (the first French, the second – Polish roots) and Sergio Aguero of Manchester city.

And another problem – to deliver the ball to the front line. When I played the great Diego Maradona, was quite enough, and him alone together with someone of the forwards, a couple of players on vocals, the rest of the crowd.

The contenders for the medals

From stuffed with stars of the national team of Belgium was waiting for spike at the last world Cup, wait and now. The grounds are not unfounded, considering the presence of such players as leaders Chelsea’s Eden hazard and Manchester city’s Kevin De Bruyne, forward-RAM “Manchester United” Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea’s goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

That’s just all this concentration of bodies still and reputable coach. As in the first half of 1980-ies of the last century was Ki-Tis, who, in Mexico in 1986, though not without the help of the Swedish referee Fredriksson outsmart the Lobanovskyy.

The current coach Spaniard Roberto Martinez has done a good job in the English Premier League, but a team that aspires something serious, for him new. And not the fact that this team will be a real team.

Something similar can be said about Croatia, not letting in the final tournament of the 2018 world Cup Ukraine. In its composition also a lot of good players, though, perhaps, not such star, in 1998. But Luka Modric and MATEO Kovacic from the “real” Barcelonas Ivan Rakitic, his namesake Perisic from Milan “Intera” capable of taking control of a foothold in midfield in the meeting with someone else.

But to gather for a few games in a row they complicated. And coach at cellular inexperienced, not that Miroslav Blazevic in 1998. From Zlatko Dalica of achievements, by and large – only the passage of Ukraine (more precisely, even – just Kiev victory over us) in the qualifying tournament.

Attention to this team on our side increased also because in its composition FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Josip Vida. And ex-nominated domagoj Vida and former Dnipro Nikola kalinić and Ivan Strinić. Darijo Srna (Shakhtar Donetsk) left the team before the story of doping – after Euro 2016.

In the same segment of the quotes, and Croats, is close to us Poland. She doesn’t have such selection of Midfielders, but there is superforvarda Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski, top scorer of the qualifying tournament.

Sorry, did not get the application right defender of Kiev “Dynamo” Tomas Kanjera, but there are ex-Dynamo player Lukasz Teodorczyk, let him destined to be waiting in the wings – in the shadow of the Neapolitan Lewandowski and Arkadiusz milik of of.

Poles – veteran world Championships. Was twice third. For the first time in 1974 under the leadership of Lviv of Kazimierz górski, who had armed annexation in 1939 Western Ukraine to the USSR even to play a bit in Lviv “Spartacus” and “Dynamo” before the war. To reach Kiev “Dynamo” did not. There was another Gursky – from Drohobych…

The operating champion of Europe – Portugal by Cristiano Ronaldo in the line – up also listed the shadow of the favorites, but no one really believes in best player in Europe and his company. First, Kryry right now is not in the best mental state, thinking more about the new contract, than about the game. Second, the composition of the European Champions of the Portuguese for two years after the French triumph was updated almost half, and the miracle will not happen again.

Of course, special attention deserves England with her aura, the mentality, the fans, and the difficult relationship with politicians with the Russian regime. But her team, all the players that are the richest League in the world, able to swing more than the quarter-finals.

The fact that most of the elite Premier League clubs set the tone of the star legionaries. And the main hope of the British that the scorer of the “Tottenhema” Harry Kane and nimble dribbler of Manchester city, Raheem sterling will decide something alone for the national team, in the application list which nine defenders. Yes, the founders of football, taking off from Euro 2016 after the defeat to Iceland, of course, added since that time under Gareth Southgate, but the mountains they do not collapse.

But Uruguay is strong, first and foremost its fantastically powerful pair of forwards in the squad of Parisian Elinson Cavani and lover to bite the opponent in the truest sense of the word Barcelonas Luis Suarez, the potential of which say the names of the clubs, the colors of which they protect.

The personification of reliability – impenetrable pair of the defenders of Madrid “Atletico” Diego Godin and Jose Jimenez. As for fighting qualities Uruguay, perhaps, superior to all the other participants in the world Cup.

Mindful about the amazing rise of the national team of South Korea home world Cup 2002 (fourth place), could be added to the list of contenders for the medals and the current owners. But the Russian national team, as already mentioned, last won in October 2017. With such statistics, no judge, especially under the supervision of the system of video monitoring of VAR that will work on the 2018 world Cup will not be able without risk to the reputation to pull the Russians in the medal place. Although renounce are not.

Football extras

Most of the participants of the 2018 world Cup – the extras, some of which mathematically can count on leaving the group and getting one of the 16 best. Someone, if you’re lucky with the draw, will manage to the quarter-finals to get through. Anyone can become the author of loud sensation – this happens very often in major tournaments.

Select Egypt with 45-year-old goalkeeper-the elder Assama El Hadari and star Mohamed Salah, who was injured in the Champions League final in Kiev and who wish to return to duty at least to the third match of the group stage of the 2018 world Cup. Except for Egypt, “Liverpool” delegated to the world Cup one more collection is also a striker Sadio mane (Senegal).

For Nigeria, the youngest team in the 2018 world Cup with an average age of 24.9 years will play a prominent in the English Premier League, Victor Moses (Chelsea) and Alex Iwobi (“Arsenal”), as well as Wilfried, Ndidi and Kelechi, Iheanacho (“Lester”). But we can hardly count on something serious with players of extra-class Morocco (but there’s former Dynamo Younes Belhanda) and Tunisia. They have at least one victory to win.

From the European middle peasants and outsiders will be popular to use a newcomer to the world Cup in Iceland, especially their fans with a battle cry the war-cry of “Hu!”, which is exactly like in Russia. However, they will be smaller than in France. And go far, and challenging opponents – Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria. The real group of death.

The weakest bunch in group A, where only a miracle (and Mohamed Salah!) able to prevent Uruguay and Russia to reach the playoffs. Although in some other groups a few winners can be predicted in advance. And the outsiders.

Among them, the first (i.e. last for bookmakers) place in the ranking of the Arabians, which did not help either internship a few players in Spain or a permanent change of coaches. Some were fired, others, like the Dutchman Bert van Marwijk have fled, barely seeing over the horizon less money but more football prospects.

Such has been Australia, which is the youngest world Cup player-2018 – 19-summer Danielle Arziani. The national team of Green continent is now also gaining a place in the championship of the world from Asia, and is also related to the outsiders. However, her recent victory over Czech team (4:0) makes you wonder. Peruvians “Socceroos” is able to overcome even after returning to the South American teams team captain Paolo Guerrero, whose disqualification for the use of cocaine (!) at the time of the 2018 world Cup suspended.

The South Korean team hopes on a trio of their “English” at the head of a striker with Tottenham Heung-min, but it is unlikely this will be enough to qualify from the group. Iran is good for its stability, attacking the roots of the Turkmen Serdar asanam the open close to him by blood coach Kurban Berdiyev in “Ruby” and “Rostov”. However, the diagnosis is the same – outsider.

The Japan national team this year Ukraine beat. After this defeat of the Bosnian coach with a French passport Vahid of Halilhodzic were replaced by local specialist Akira Nishino. It is unlikely this will be enough to circumvent the more upscale Polish, Colombian and Senegalese, who will compete for two spots in the playoffs. Strong Colombia Midfielders James Rodriguez, which became the opening of the 2014 world Cup, and Argentinian coach Jose Pekerman, a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Ukrainian lands of the last century.

Except for Asians, hopeless outsiders see two teams from the Central American neighbors of Costa Rica and Panama. Especially the latter, for the first time qualified to the final tournament. But she has her own trump card – the Colombian coach Hernan Dario Gomez, who brought to the finals in 1998, Colombia, and in 2002-m – Ecuador. In this cycle under his leadership the team of the country with a population of 4 million, no player which is not evaluated and a million dollars, toured the United States with their 320 million. Panama – the oldest participant of the 2018 world Cup (average age of 29.4 years).

Costa Rica has at least a good “credit history” with the release four years ago in the quarterfinals and goalkeeper of the best club of Europe keylor Navas of real Madrid. Maybe now the Costa Ricans will intervene in the dispute for the second place in the group between the international Switzerland, in which the indigenous inhabitants of the country less than a quarter, and Serbia suddenly decided that familiar on work in Donetsk “the Metallurgist” coach Slavoljub Muslin, who led the team to the finals, not good enough for the finals.

Sweden, even without Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who kicked in a brutal and grueling confrontation in the playoff selection Italy, will compete for one of the trips to the playoffs (you give the other Germany) with Mexico.

Team Javier hernández, known as Chicharito is a regular at the world finals. From the group is usually selected, but to the quarter-finals were reached only at home – in 1970 and 1986. So, probably, it will be now.

The Swedes in the quarter-finals are unlikely to pull. Unlike its neighbors and bosom friends, the Danes. The more lucky with the draw (other than the favorite France – passable Peru, Australia) and a real star in the lineup is midfielder Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen.

Source: strana.ua