Wife of Ivan Krasko: at Least some good from this marriage received?

Жена Ивана Краско:  Хоть какой-нибудь ништяк от этого брака получила?

Wife of Ivan Krasko: “at Least some good from this marriage received?” [photo]
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Ivan and Natalia Krasko.

27-year-old Natalie wants to leave Russia without a spouse, who is older than her 60 years.

Young wife 87-year-old actor Ivan Krasko ready to leave Russia without his wife. According to 27-year-old Natalia, the husband in the course and will not interfere.

– He found himself. And he understands what it’s like to find yourself. Aware of how this is important to me. The husband normally reacts. If and are leaving doesn’t mean forever. If he wanted to find a stupid wife, he would have found, she commented kp.ru.

Natalia Krasko in advance not to say where he wants to go, they say, is a bad omen.

– I have options and invitations to work abroad. But yet I think. Not so simple – took off from the tent and went. Internally I am a nomadic character, but there are issues with the bureaucracy In any country is not without its pitfalls, says the actress.

The girl sarcastically comments on the cultural life of Russia and theatres in particular.

In St. Petersburg, wherever you spit, some theatres, but very little development. I have a lot of friends-actors, who were sitting in the theater for seven years on the rate – waited, when they will be given the role. Need half a lifetime to spend on it. I’m not ready to throw away half of my life on this garbage… All the people paziseli “in the hollows” – young no pass no pass. In the theatres give main roles to the elderly. Again with all due respect to all.

Natalia also admitted that he goes on numerous talk shows, on its “edit” for the money. For her it is better than to star in “govnoserialov”.

The girl continues to deny that she got married for PR.

– Do any good in the end this marriage I get? Maybe I have a convertible under the window is? Or I all in platinum, diamonds and teeth all ceramic? If I had thought about PR, I quickly realized that I was catching Ivan Ivanovich nothing. And I would find ways to peanuts.


Due to numerous requests. The topic of divorce ? The sign “?” – nothing more to say … it would not have turned, we remain respectful of each other people. Native people _______________________ St. Petersburg 2018 today🥀

Publication of Natalia Krasko Official (@natalia_krasko)

In 2016, Natalia was away on holiday in the US – without her husband. On this trip the girl dreamed for a long time, and Krasko decided to make her a gift on birthday.

Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel got married in September 2015. Natalia is a former student of the actor. Ivan Krasko told “KP” that they “agreed on a joint love of poetry.” With third wife, the actor was the difference in 47 years.