Wife shot in sleep: Prosecutors have opened murder of the former Deputy of the Sumy city Council

Жена застрелила во сне: Прокуратура раскрыла убийство экс-депутата Сумского горсовета

Chairman of the NGO, former Deputy of the Sumy city Council Anatoly Beetle killed his own wife. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office in the area.

According to investigators, 31-year-old woman carefully planned the murder of her husband, which, according to preliminary data, she had a conflictual relationship. In particular, she told loved ones that the bug was used against her physical strength and threatened to take the child in case of divorce.

As found during the investigation, the suspect on 2 August sent 10-year-old daughter in a taxi to his mother, then set fire to the room in the house, where the rest of her husband. For her alibi, she went with the driver with whom he had a close relationship, in the center of the city to pay for utilities, despite the fact that earlier it was doing it through the Internet.

In Prosecutor’s office reported that Anatoly Zhuk woke up, managed to extinguish the fire and called the wife home. Together they made a fire damaged things from the house. Then the man lay down to rest in the yard and fell asleep. At this time, according to investigators, the wife took his pistol Сz-75 and three shot her sleeping husband.

The version about Commission of crime by the wife confirmed examination, which found traces of product shots on the woman’s clothes.

After the murder on August 8, the woman with child and the driver illegally emigrated to Russia.

The woman declared suspicion under part 1 St. 115 (premeditated murder), part 2 of article 194 (deliberate damage of property by arson), part 1 article 263 (illegal weapon handling) criminal code of Ukraine. Preparing the documents for declaring an international arrest warrant and extradition.

We will remind, on August 2 it became known about the death of 35-year-old leader of the public organization “Sumy”, former MP and official of the Sumy city Council Anatoly Zhuk, who has repeatedly criticized the local authorities and some years had legal proceedings with them. Dad found him in the yard in a pool of blood.

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