WikiLeaks publishes “controversial” documents on the CIA

The WikiLeaks website has posted thousands of pages online that were allegedly stolen from the intelligence center of the US intelligence agency, the CIA.

The Associated Press, however, was unable to confirm the authenticity of the documents and the CIA refused to comment. It would not be the first time that WikiLeaks has found secret documents from the government.
Experts who took a look at it are of the opinion that the documents seem legitimate and that their publication may shake the CIA.
WikiLeaks says the CIA has “recently” lost control of several piracy tools and related documents. The site adds that “the archive seems to have been illicitly shared by former US government pirates and subcontractors,” and that one of them “provided WikiLeaks with a portion of the archive.”
The materials cover multiple topics, such as how to take control of a smart TV to make it an improvised surveillance device. WikiLeaks said the documents also detail the CIA’s efforts to infiltrate US software and products, such as the Apple iPhone or Microsoft’s Android and Microsoft platforms.
The documents would also include digital espionage techniques borrowed from Russia and other countries.
One expert warned that the damage caused by the publication of these documents is already “very important”, but that the impact of others promised by WikiLeaks could be even worse.
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