Will Smith does not like that his son wears women’s clothes

Уиллу Смиту не нравится, что его сын носит женскую одежду

As it turned out, the actor will Smith does not like that his son wears women’s clothes.

Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of actor and mother of Jaden, in an interview recalled how the will in 2016 reacted to the news that his son appeared in ads for women’s clothing Louis Vuitton: “we Need to give Jaden tribute – his style, his choice of clothing is especially bold considering the fact that he is black guy and the son of actor and hip-hop,” says jada. – Will, of course, your opinion on this matter. Remember how he called me and asked: “You discussed with Jaden all this? He is now wearing a skirt?” And I said “Yeah, we did. He’s happy that’s the main thing””.

Will Smith from the choice of the son is not happy, but jada does not get tired to emphasize how it was brave: “Jaden told me that wearing a skirt to give children the freedom to give other people the freedom to think outside the box, to Express yourself and not be afraid that them for it will poison”.