With the advent of Medvedchuk’s party For life will be administratively stronger.

С появлением Медведчука партия За життя станет административно сильнее, - политолог

With the advent of the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk in the ranks of the party “For life”, the party will be administratively stronger. This broadcast “112 Ukraine”, said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“Administratively, the party will become stronger, in my opinion, in the case of the arrival of Medvedchuk. What will it politically, only time will tell, it is difficult to predict. It seems to me that today the party must explain to the electorate what came Viktor Medvedchuk, what will be its role, function within the framework of this political structure. However, three public leaders of this party, Moore, Rabinowitz and Medvedchuk, despite its difference, they say almost the same, so a strong resonance to cause the voters are not. But to explain why it was done the company will need”, he said.

“Potentially, if you do not make any serious errors, potentially it will be a parliamentary party, she will overcome the barrier. This is demonstrated by all opinion polls, however, it seems to me that this is not a limit of dreams of the leaders of the party. They would like to form a coalition in 2019, but for that they need a lot of work and still results still far enough,” he added.

We will remind, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, leader of the political party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich presented a step-by-step exit of the country from the economic crisis. Multi-day voting by the audience of one of the channels identified in five main areas: those top managers, whose party “For life” should take a list and who will charge to fix the crisis situation in politics and Economics.

Note, Viktor Medvedchuk – Ukrainian politician, public figure, MP II-IV convocations, Deputy/first Deputy Chairman of the Parliament (February 2000 – December 2001), the head of AP of Ukraine (June 2002 – January 2005). Honored lawyer of Ukraine. Doctor of legal Sciences, academician of the National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine.

The author of the constitutional reform of 2004, which included the transition from a presidential-parliamentary to a parliamentary-presidential form of government. A supporter of the Federal structure of the state. Since 2012, the Chairman of the Ukrainian public organization “all-Ukrainian social movement “Ukrainian choice”.

Special representative of Ukraine on humanitarian issues in the framework of the Tripartite contact group on peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

С появлением Медведчука партия За життя станет административно сильнее, - политолог


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