With the beginning of the year fireworks killed nearly 5 thousand explosive objects

С начала года пиротехники уничтожили почти 5 тысяч взрывоопасных предметов

From the beginning of the pyrotechnic units of the State emergency service seized and destroyed 49 577 thousand explosive objects, including 646 bombs. This reports the press service of Goschs.

Marked, often people find explosive subjects of times of past wars. In addition, work continues on humanitarian demining of the liberated territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In particular, in the Luhansk region for September 10, pyrotechnics were tested at 0.2 ha area, where they found one explosive subject. On the same day in Donetsk region of pyrotechnic units were examined for the presence of explosive devices of 4.92 ha site, where they found 10 items of UXO.

In the SES due to the frequent finds of ammunition reminded that it is forbidden to touch a suspicious object and move it, pour the liquid, cover ground or cover. It is also not advisable to provide sound, light, heat or mechanical action to disassemble the item

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