Women: 7 Actresses to try a “male” profession in the series

Elizaveta Boyarskaya


Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

Today the daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky plays the main role in the historical projects, and all began with small roles in serials “destructive power” and “Agent of national security” on the theme of crime. The first major work of Boyar was the role of the nurse Erna in the movie “the Bunker”. The picture was nominated for an Oscar as “Best foreign language film”. In the new series of NTV “the Raven” boyar appears in the unusual role of the Investigative Committee of Anna Vorontsova.

Anna Popova


Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

Anna Popova auditioned for a role in the film “hipsters”, but was refused. However, the casting of the actress was noticed by the leaders of the project “One day there will be love”, where Popov has played a major role — good and romantic girl, Anna Ogarevo. In 2010 he released the sequel to the cult gangster Saga “Brigade” with the participation of Anna. In the new series of NTV “police Officers” Popov played the employee of the Department of counteraction to drive on a motorcycle.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite


Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

Film debut Ingeborga Dapkunaite took place in 1984, she played in the drama “My little wife”. After graduating from the Conservatory of the Lithuanian Ingeborga begins to play in the Lithuanian theatre, where he met with the American Director and actor John Malkovich. The meeting proved to be a landmark for the young actress: she was invited to play the main role in the play “Error speech” in London. In 1986, the actress began to appear in Russian movies: “Night whispers”, “intergirl”, “Burnt by the sun”. In 1993, Ingeborga Dapkunaite debuted in Hollywood in the TV series “Alaska kid”. Also, the actress starred in the films “Mission impossible” with Tom cruise, “Seven years in Tibet” with brad pitt and “Hannibal rising” Gaspard Ulliel. A year ago, Ingeborga Dapkunaite gave birth to a firstborn son, Alex, and today plays the role of the senior Commissioner of the Central criminal police of Estonia in the adaptation of Swedish-Danish series “the Bridge” on NTV.

Jennifer Garner

46 years old

Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

In his early career, garner was the understudy of famous Actresses. She played the episodes in the series “City turns”, “Law and order”, “Time of your life” and “felicity”. Also Jennifer garner can be seen in the woody Allen film “Broken Harry,” Comedy “Where’s my car, dude” and the blockbuster “pearl Harbor”. However, the popularity of the actress brought to the work in the TV series “Spy”, where she played CIA agent Sydney Bristow. For this role garner won the “Golden globe awards” (2002) in the nomination “Best actress in a drama series”.

MENA Suvari

39 years old

Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

MENA Suvari’s career began with an episode in the TV series “Boy meets world”. Success to the young actress after “American Beauty”, and the popularity — after the release of the Comedy “American pie”. In 2015, the screens out the series “South of hell”, where Suvari played a hunter of demons for hire.

Halle Berry


Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

The role of a drug addict Vivian in spike Lee’s “jungle fever” was for breakthrough actress. In the late 90s, berry, gets starring role in the film “introducing Dorothy Dandridge”, which plays the first African-American actress, nominated for “Oscar”. This role was for Halle berry crucial: in 2001, on screens leaves a drama “Ball of monsters”, where the actress played the wife of executed killer Leticia Musgrove. For this role, berry received the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actress”, becoming the first black actress Academy marked USA. In the series, 2003 ‘s”Beyond” berry played a woman astronaut, who returned from a yearlong stay in space, finds out about her pregnancy.

Geena Davis


Женское дело: 7 актрис, примеривших «мужские» профессии в сериалах

Career Gina Davis began working as a model. In the early 80-ies of the Director Sidney Pollock Davis was offered a small role in the film “Tootsie,” and first starring role, the actress received in 1985 in the sitcom “Sara”. The most famous actress brought the role of the first female U.S. President Mackenzie Allen in the series “Woman President”. For this role, Gina Davis received the “Golden globe”.