Wonder scandals: an Interview with Sarah Palin, most likely, will not be included in the new show Sacha Baron Cohen

Зря скандалила: Интервью с Сарой Пэйлин, скорее всего, не войдет в новое шоу Саши Барона Коэна

Interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is not likely to belong to one of the episodes of the controversial show, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who is America?”. This was stated by Harry Levin – software Vice-President of Showtime, which produces the show, writes the edition Deadline.

According to him, the reason why the interview with Palin most likely will not appear in the final installation of the show, it’s not a noise she raised in social networks, and the fact that Cohen episode with the ex-Governor seemed insufficiently interesting and funny. “All I can at this point to say is that there were people who began to rush under tanks which are not even going to go anywhere,” commented Levin. He also noted that the British comedian makes to the final product has very high standards and even holds special viewings of the footage with the usual audience to understand what is included in the installation, and that the audience seem boring.

Recall that in early July, Sarah Palin has published on his page in Facebook an angry post. She blamed Sasha Baron Cohen that he cheated on her, posing as a veteran with a disability, and called the comedian a “piece of shit”. In response, Cohen wrote a policy letter from the name of a character in the show, with whom she communicated. In the letter he explained that was not a military veteran. “I served – but not the military, but in the company United Parcel (U.S. postal service UPS – approx. ed.) and I once fought for his country – when I shot the Mexican, who came on my territory,” wrote the actor.

Show “Who is America?” is published on the American Showtime channel every Sunday from July 15. In each episode, Sacha Baron Cohen transforms into several comical characters, and interviews with politicians of all sizes and ordinary Americans, trying to provoke them. The most popular among the audience enjoys the fictional Colonel of the Israeli army Herran Morad, who allegedly teaches politicians actually do not exist in the Israel defense techniques. Because of episodes with Morada already had some real political scandals. So in the first series of dummy military persuaded several politicians and public figures to record on camera the text in support of programmes for children handling firearms since the age of four. And after the second series representative of the Republican party in Georgia Jason Spencer was forced to resign because the program said incorrect word and ran over Cohen with his pants down.

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