World Anti-Doping Agency remains in Montreal

The World Anti-Doping Agency will remain in Montreal. This was confirmed on Tuesday morning by its director general, Olivier Niggli, at the microphone of Ici Première, the radio of Radio-Canada.
For months, rumors foreshadowed a relocation of the Montreal headquarters to Europe.
WADA, which has been in Montreal since its inception in 1999. Independent, WADA has disturbed the global sports establishment in recent years, particularly in recent months, notably with the release of the McLaren Report.
In this report, Montreal lawyer Richard McLaren unveiled a system of doping and camouflage of state doping cases in Russia, leading to the suspension of the national athletics team from all international competitions including the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games .
The World Anti-Doping Agency is composed and funded equally by the Sports Movement and governments. Its main activities include scientific research, education, anti-doping development and oversight of compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the document harmonizing rules related to doping in all sports and in all countries.

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