Xenia BIK threatened after the death of her husband, Dmitry Marjanova

Xenia BICK after the death of her husband, actor Dmitry Marjanov, threatened by unknown – write media. Many friends and fans Maranova believe that the widow responsible for his early exit.


At the funeral of Dmitry Marjanova his family ignored Xenia BIK, and at the funeral did not want to sit next to her. A woman going through the loss, also faced psychological violence from the fans of the artist. They consider that the BFI is not enough hard.

The widow is not left alone journalists. Despite the fact that BIC does not wish to participate in the talk show, she texting and calling from unknown numbers. She said the “Revelations stars” who lives like hell and receives phone threats. Outside her house the paparazzi are on duty.

BIK noted that it is not a public person and does not know how to behave in the circumstances. She threatened the pursuers by the police and is going to leave Moscow in order to hide from enemies. The woman held for daughter Anfisa, who “cries all the time”.

Dmitry Maryanov and Xenia BICK had been married for 8 years. The actor died unexpectedly during a rehabilitation clinic to combat alcohol dependence.