Xiaomi has released a smart collar for dogs

Xiaomi выпустил умный ошейник для собак

Xiaomi has released a smart collar for dogs

We are all used to the fact that the pot Xiaomi produces new items one by one and sometimes even several at once. And now range the Chinese manufacturer has replenished with a smart collar for dogs Xiaomi Smart Pet Dog Locator.

Xiaomi Smart Locator Pet Dog is not really a collar, and a sort of label with the GPS module to transmit location information of the dog, which can be fixed on any collar. The cost of the device – about $30.

In addition to its main task – tracking-pet tracker can perform several functions. In particular, through an accompanying mobile app the user can track the movement of the dog during the day, the amount spent per day of calories and the distance covered.

When designing the device, as stated, the developers have carefully studied the physiological characteristics of more than 200 breeds of dogs, thanks to smart algorithms able to predict a probable route of movement of the dog.

If it so happens that pet somehow gets lost, the owner can send the appropriate distress signal. After sending the signal on the screen of the device will light up a QR code with contact data of the owner.

The rest you can note the blue led, which is useful when walking in the dark, waterproof housing and battery, which will provide a label up to 30 days of battery life.

With dimensions of 5.04×4,6×1,83 cm Xiaomi Smart Pet Locator Dog weighs 26 g.

As for the colours, here the buyer can choose from two colors: silver white and graphite black.

Xiaomi выпустил умный ошейник для собак

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