Yana Poplavskaya condemned “Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshina

Actress Yana Poplavskaya criticized “Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshina. She believes that a resident of Pyatigorsk looks ugly and is engaged in “social prostitution”.


Recently Yana Poplavskaya became the heroine of the program “Special correspondent”. Among other guests were Cyril Tereshin. The last appearance in the show impressed artist. She was very surprised appearance guy. Jan Poplawska believes that fame is not worth to carry out experiments on your health. In addition, the actress added, it looks not nice, because the guy’s “thin legs”.

This time in the Studio Cyril said that earning a living as a paid video greetings. Poplavskaya noted that it looks like “social prostitution,”and so the guy avoids the “usual” work. At the end of the show, the actress apologized in front of Teresina, but he said no offense to the artist.