“Yandex” has listed the most damaged sections on the roads of Ekaterinburg

The experts of “Yandex” has established the most critical and dangerous places on the roads of the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Analysts collected information about the accident for two years, mark left in “Yandex.Maps” and “Yandex.Navigator”.


The emergency stations in Yekaterinburg are road platform beside subway station and exits from shopping and business centers and major traffic arteries. 25% of marks on road accidents fell on the Central part of the city.

The most dangerous places named crossroads, with a complex movement structure and are not equipped with traffic lights. The last time was quite dangerous to move around in the centre of the Ural capital, especially near the Opera house and the building of the regional government. In addition, motorists need to be careful on the streets Repin, deryabinoy and the Avenue of Cosmonauts. But there are sections of roads where there are less accidents. It koltsovsky trakt, ring road and Corporate road.