Yanukovych is looking for a new goatvomit – court competition again postponed

Януковичу ищут нового госадвоката - судебные дебаты опять перенесли

Obolonskiy district court of Kyiv once again postponed the debate on the case of former President Viktor Yanukovych, accused of treason, because of the refusal of a state attorney Victor Ovsyannikov to participate in them. This became known after continuing the meeting at 14:00 on Wednesday, write “Ukrainian news”.

It is reported that the presiding judge suggested prosecutors to start a debate, but gozzadini the defendant began to shout and interrupt the judges, demanding to recess to familiarize themselves with the case materials.

Ovsyannikov also demanded to remove from a hall of the technical devices used by the Prosecutor. Devyatko the judge explained to counsel that the time for familiarization with the case materials will be provided after the speech of the Prosecutor in the debate. The lawyer said that it is illegal, and left the room.

The judge Devyatko called such actions protect Yanukovych’s humiliation for the legal community of Ukraine. “Defenders of Viktor Yanukovych forget that not everything can be solved by money,” he said.

In this situation, the court declared a break till 17:00 Wednesday and appealed to the Centre for free legal aid with the demand to Yanukovych appoint a new competent kostadinka.

The former lawyers of Yanukovych refused to participate in the debate the day before, after which he would be given free counsel.

We will remind, Yanukovych in the case of treason was already several state attorneys. Is Vitaly Machacek, Maxim Gerasim and Igor Lyashenko.

Ex-President Yanukovych suspected of committing crimes under part 1 of article 111 (“high treason”), part 5 article 27, part 3 of article 110 (“Complicity in deliberate acts committed with the aim of changing the boundaries of the territory and the state border of Ukraine”) and part 5 article 27, part 2 of article 437 (“complicity in the waging of aggressive war”) the criminal code of Ukraine.

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