Yatsenyuk: Our main goal for next year is to prevent the revenge of Pro-Russian forces

Яценюк: Наша главная задача на следующий год - не допустить реванша пророссийских сил

The main challenge for Ukrainians in 2019 is to prevent the revenge of Pro-Russian forces. This was during the celebrations for the 100th anniversary national Assembly of Bukovina in Chernivtsi, said the leader of the party” national front “Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the press service of political power.

“100 years ago our great Ukrainian nation said we want to have our own state and we will fight for it. And thus was formed the Great Ukraine. Ukraine, which had every chance to keep their sovereignty, to fight for every citizen and move forward. Unfortunately, the Great Ukraine betrayed both inside and outside. And those who betrayed him, also suffered from Bolshevik Russia, and the challenges facing their Nations”, – said Yatsenyuk.

Then, after the arrival of the Bolsheviks, according to Yatsenyuk, came “one of the most tragic pages in Ukrainian history.

“Then there was the Holodomor, repressions, destruction of Ukrainian clergy of the Ukrainian intelligentsia. Then those who now sit in Moscow and tell “of great Russia”, signed with Nazi Germany, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and kroil as the heart, Ukraine. And then Ukraine have risen again. Rose as an independent state. In 2014, we also rebelled. Also on the great Council came hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, who said: we will not return to the Soviet Union, we are fighting for themselves, for their dignity, for their nation, the country, we are fighting for Europe because we – there. We will not allow anyone to operate in the country. And this again the wheel of history back “, – said the politician.

Yatsenyuk added that after that Putin has sent tanks to Donetsk, Lugansk, tore off a piece of Ukrainian land and annexed Crimea.

“Putin, as a worthy student of Stalin’s Bolshevik lecturers were convinced that Ukraine will not stand. He was convinced that Ukraine will fall, as it was a hundred years ago. That the Ukrainians will take arms to defend their country. But we were convinced that the us is not something that nowhere to retreat – we have something to fight for. For every Ukrainian family, for our land. And we resisted. Resisted having Russian tanks in its territory, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and 108 thousand accounts in the Treasury for the whole country. We prevailed in the absence of the army, the police, the armed forces. We have demonstrated that we are a nation that knows how to rally. And it is very important this Foundation of the new Ukraine that we laid in 2014, and which 100 years ago was formed on Bucovina Council, not just to protect and build on this Foundation, the Ukrainian house “, – said Yatsenyuk.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that the war is not over: “the Enemy is waiting. And he knows how to do. He waits, again, the Ukrainian political elite quarrel. And we were almost on the verge of it. I don’t just work with Poroshenko. But for the sake of Ukraine, we found the strength to turn the page of the struggle for power and fight only for the state.”

“Not all solved. Society is injured, and it is natural: the war, loss of loved ones, friends, uncertainty about the future. But that’s not the spirit that gives strength for success. The spirit of unity, confidence and responsibility of each of us for his little work area in front, in front of their families and to the country – only this energy gives the energy of the building of a great Ukraine “, – said the leader of the party “national front”.

He noted that 2019 will be difficult both economically and politically.

“Even among our Western partners is not always possible to hear a clear voice of support for Ukraine. I could not think that we will reach a situation when Hungary and Poland will not always share the position of support to Ukraine. It is clear that Russia their plans will not change. But we know that we have no right to assume that, as in the past. So in 2019 our primary goal is not to allow revenge. Sleep revenge is already there, including in Chernivtsi, when he ousted the legitimately elected Pro-European mayor. In Ukraine they also expect the revenge of Pro-Russian forces. Our answer is only one: we love our country, we are ready to fight for their country, and we will win. We proved it and will prove, ” – said Yatsenyuk.

We will remind, elections of the President of Ukraine should take place in spring 2019 and the fall of the same year the Ukrainians will have to choose a new Parliament. Read more in our Explanatory note.

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