Yekaterinburg has put South Africa’s record in the marathon at 160 kilometres

Yekaterinburg, Oleg was invited to South Africa for a marathon length of 160 kilometers, as a guest of honor. However, the 50-year-old athlete took part in the race and set a new record.

The previous one was installed in 2002. Now in the day of his anniversary, he surpassed it. Now the new world record in this race is 13 hours 27 minutes 27 seconds.

After the start of the race the position of the Kharitonov was the eighth. At around 57 kilometers it is the fourth. After seven hours of the race on the most difficult distance of all its members began to fall the pace.

Kharitonov, by contrast, has shown that it can improve. 113-kilometer he took to the second position. However, the leader was far enough and was much younger. His age is 35 years.

In the 127-kilometer Russian athlete became the first. Many of the runners were carried away from the stadium. Among them was a former leader. The question arose whether the Kharitonov to hold on to the last leg of the journey when the terrible African heat.

Honored master of sports not just could, but even improved his record 16 years ago.