You can buy the earliest map of St Valentine in the world

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A map of St. Valentine’s day, handwritten is considered the most ancient in the world, will be auctioned on February 14.

According to the BBC, the letter will be auctioned by the company Hansons in Etwall in England. It is the collector Charles Hanson who has found a collection of cards, victorian and Georgian. The value of the card has been estimated at £ 400 (683 $).

Describing the card as “something very special”, Mr. Hanson stated that it dated back to around 1790, at the time when the novelist a romantic Jane Austen was still living.

“This is a paper that is delicate and torn. However, it looks like a traditional map with an image on the front and a verse inside, he said. The damage was caused by the fact that the message was folded to be sent to its intended recipient. However, the declaration of love a handwritten and sincere is still intact and it is extremely touching.”

In Great Britain, Valentine’s day began to be celebrated in the 17th century.

In the middle of the 18th century, friends and lovers began to exchange marks of affection or handwritten notes.

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