You know In Ukraine are in disrepair about 9 thousand bridges, at any moment something could fall off

Шульмейстер: В Украине в аварийном состоянии находятся порядка 9 тыс. мостов, в любой момент может что-то обвалиться

In Ukraine in poor condition are about 9 thousand bridges, at any moment something might collapse. However, while not happen in the real bridge collapse victims, to pay attention to the condition of bridges will not. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the former first Deputy Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Shulmeyster.

“In Ukraine, only about 16 thousand bridges, of which the emergency condition is 9 thousand, all of it hanging in the air, the mixture of concrete and metal, may at any time to collapse. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem that we begin to pay attention only when something somewhere is falling…Every day where something could fall, and this problem remains until, until the solution of this problem there is no money. And the money can come from local budgets, from the budget of “Ukravtodor” from the Central budget to target resources. But I, unfortunately, have to say that while not really fall and not be victims, special attention is to turn will not. What is happening now is a temporary burst of attention to this topic. After that, it then will fade”, he said.

If we are talking about major bridges, for example, in Kiev across the Dnieper, then the repair may cost about 1 billion UAH. This figure must be multiplied by 9 thousand bridges, because there are small bridges, they require a much smaller investment to put them in order. But it should be a constant flow of money, yearly, to the bridges contained. I suspect that if we take on every bridge from 9 thousand, 200 thousand, it will be a huge amount, you need to repair the bridges in Ukraine”, – said you Know.

On the question of the leader which bridges require immediate repair, you Know called the Metro bridge, which “in 4 years will be a disaster”, and the Paton bridge, which is “in the best condition, but also requires attention”.

We will note, today the correspondent of TV channel “112 Ukraine” inspected the condition of bridges in Kiev.

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian announced that as of today, every sixth bridge in Ukraine, which is on balance of “Ukravtodor” is emergency. He also noted that the repair of bridges in Ukraine until 2022 is planned to spend 1 billion dollars.

As reported, on Tuesday, August 14, Genoa fell to the famous bridge “Polcevera Viaduct”, the length of which is 1,100 m. According to recent reports, the collapse killed 38 people, including three children.

Earlier also it was reported that in Kiev are more than 75 bridges are in urgent need of repair, three in an emergency. In addition, the co-author of the project of the Metro bridge George Rosnowski said that the metro bridge constructed in 1965 may collapse at any moment. Later in the KSCA said that the Metro bridge will be a disaster 4 years later, the overhaul is already planned.

Шульмейстер: В Украине в аварийном состоянии находятся порядка 9 тыс. мостов, в любой момент может что-то обвалиться

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