You should not rely on an objective and thorough investigation of corruption in the purchase of cars of NABOO.

NABOO today is “politically sacrosanct” government Agency, and rely on an objective and thorough investigation of corruption in the purchase of cars is not necessary

This opinion was expressed by political analyst Alexei holomuzki, according to “Business capital”.

“Will there be something to Rush for it? NABOO we have a politically untouchable. If the whole institution like this, understand that better not to climb. Any “hitting” on them and they immediately flee to the American Embassy. To extinguish the scandal, they now bring some of their “PR” of lobbyists who will tell you that NABOO in no way to blame. And they quickly transferred the attention to other topics – then do not worry for them,” says Alex golobutsky.

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik said that this is not the first purchase of NABOO at inflated prices.

“We remember winter socks (for 400 UAH – ed.). So it is not the first time the suspicions of that kind in relation to the National anti-corruption Bureau. I think for rush it is a matter of honor – to initiate an investigation of these allegations, identifying those individuals in the economic departments of NABOO can abuse and corrupt to carry out the purchase. In any case, there are grounds for the Prosecutor General and the SBU to investigate the matter. And if there is a crime it must be investigated. This situation makes the activities of rush and just NAB all less calling the trust’s increasingly toxic in the eyes of Ukrainians, because there is no answer to these questions,” – said Bortnik.

Earlier, several media outlets published information about the purchase of NABOO Skoda 11 million UAH. This tender has also reviewed the Institute of consumer expertise and came to the conclusion that the Bureau has overpaid UAH 1.5 million for the party cars. Political analyst Kirill Sazonov drew attention to the fact that NABOO has not commented on the situation with corruption in the procurement. He called the head of the Bureau of Artem Sytnik to conduct an investigation regarding the tender. In addition, Kirill Sazonov asked the auditors of NABOO and the head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky with a request to track corruption.

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