You will thrill in seeing Yama in “The Voice” return to this classic of Daniel Lavoie

Vous aurez des frissons en voyant Yama de «La Voix» reprendre ce classique de Daniel Lavoie

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After we have dazzled the stage of the Duels, Yama has repeated the feat during the first live broadcast of The Voice, Sunday.

The candidate of the team of Garou offered a recovery moving in the song They are in love – Daniel Lavoie.

Her interpretation gave us chills! The coaches were speechless at the result of the service. A great moment of emotion.

With this benefit, Yama recurrence, she who had betrayed him, in Duels, a recovery achingly Let it Be Beatles, alongside Kelly Bado.

See or review Yama during the first live The Voice:


Review the duel between Yama and Kelly: