Young sex offender denounced by Skype

Denied by Skype online application, a 17-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges related to child pornography on Wednesday.
Appearing before Justice Judith Landry of the Youth Court, one who was only 16 at the time of the commission of the crimes pleaded guilty to one charge of having accessed child pornography and another to having been in possession Of child pornography between April 2016 and January 18, 2017.
“It has always been my goal to acknowledge my guilt,” the young man said with conviction. He had cooperated well with the police since his arrest has been told by the Crown prosecutor, M e Christian Trudel.
“The police received information from those who operate the Skype site that juvenile pornography files had been detected in a communication. There were red flags that identified already known files, “the lawyer said.
On a USB flash drive
The police then found the young man’s Internet service provider and IP address and went to his home to search early in the morning. “The accused told almost immediately that he was the author and has given himself a USB drive to the police saying that everything was there,” continued M e Trudel, indicating that investigators had also seized the Computer of the adolescent.
The police found 186 graphic files and 21 animated files that constituted child pornography.
In a completely different case, the young man also confessed his guilt to charges of bicycle theft and conspiracy for concealment, as he and two accomplices tried to resell a stolen bicycle on the site classified ads online Kijiji Vacation Rentals In this case, it was the victim of the theft who had found the bike on Kijiji and had warned the police officers.
M e Trudel has also served on the Landry considers that the teenager had a history “in terms of sexual behavior” dating back two years ago and a sexology report was written at the time. The judge has asked that the boy be followed in child psychiatry and that a pre-sentence report be crafted before the hearing of sentencing, to be held on 1 st May

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