YouTube for the year presented YouTube Rewind video 2017

Popular video summed up the year. YouTube Rewind 2017 you can see all the memes and trends that have gained popularity this year.


Yesterday, December 6, on the most popular YouTube video appeared YouTube Rewind 2017. The video sums up the viral meme, music videos and other content gets the most hits this year. “Open” the YouTube video Rewind 2017, which from the moment of placing on video scored more than four billion hits. Among other songs, the video hit “Shape of You” ed Sheeran and “Humble” Kendrick Lamar.

YouTube Rewind 2017 was the Russian Tatiana Subbotina, known for his work the chromakey. However, Russian bloggers have expressed their displeasure about the movie, because, according to them, in YouTube Rewind 2017 did not take into account local authors. It’s already got about 40 thousand views.