YouTube named the most popular videos 2017

According to the YouTube list, were presented the most popular movies of the 2017. First place managed to take a Thai performance show “The Mask Singer”. The result is truly impressive – more than 181 million views.


Second place went to dancers from Los Angeles, who provided a dynamic and entertaining room to the song of the red-haired romance ed Sheeran “Shape of You”, reaching 120 million views.
Closes the top three an overview of the tricks you can do with the balls ping-pong table. Thanks to the most creative of the author’s approach managed to get 93 million views.
The list was also for the performances of the young travovedeniyu Darcy Lynne, all the same ed Sheeran in the show Karaoke Carpool.

In addition, the top Donald trump, whose speech at the inauguration of ‘ peresvodili bloggers.
If to speak about domestic spaces, the absolute title this year won by a group of “Mushrooms” with the song “Melts the ice”, with over 143 million views.

In the world of music videos all time this could become annoying all Despacito, which not only became the most viewed clip for 2017, but also in the entire history of YouTube. For all the time, it was viewed more than 4.4 billion times. Second place went to a clip of ed Sheeran for the song “Shape of You”, beating the mark of 2.8 billion.