“You’ve made a reality tv, you’re a clown”: Mathieu Baron talks about the difficulty to get rid of its image of “le loft participant” to the True Nature

«T’as fait une télé réalité, t’es un clown»: Mathieu Baron parle de la difficulté à se défaire de son image de «lofteur» à la Vraie Nature

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During his visit to the cottage of Jean-Philippe Dion, Mathieu Baron explains how “Loft Story , has affected his career ambitions.

The actor and presenter mentions that many people believe that his transition to the popular reality show was a good springboard for his career, but the 33 year old man states that it has rather been the opposite.

Mathieu Baron said that he has had trouble finding work, appearing.

The man who interprets Marco Choquette in Unit 9 has received a message relating to Gildor Roy during the recording of The True Nature. The interpreter Gives me a kiss had been surprised to come across Mathieu Baron, who worked as a security guard at the studio Mels a few years after his exit from the Loft.

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