Yuriy Lutsenko told about the law of the SBU shoot Saakashvili

The Prosecutor General of the Ukrainian state Yury Lutsenko has declared that law enforcement officials had every right to fire firearms on the well-known political figure, Mikhail Saakashvili during his detention.


Lutsenko declared that all 12 members of the SBU, who were engaged in the isolation and delivery of Mikhail Saakashvili to further define the measure of restraint policy, participated in the fighting in the area ATO. Yury Lutsenko noticed that each of them had the right to open fire on Saakashvili for defeat. However, according to the Prosecutor, law enforcement officers, always aimed at preserving the interests of the state and the Georgian politician, according to Lutsenko, only trying to hide behind the backs of the Ukrainian people.

Yury Lutsenko added that in all the protests, arranged by Saakashvili on the eve, the politician pursues only its own interests, taking care of personal comfort. Also, the attorney General noted that law enforcement officers will continue to act only in the interests of the state.