Yves P. Pelletier is that you have beautiful eyebrows

Photo: Annik MH De Carufel Le Devoir
“I am able to be this misanthrope to look extremely sharp, but I am in general, so completely instinctive, more the type to seek the flower in the pile of manure,” explains Yves P. Pelletier.

This is (unfortunately) not every day that your Rock and Belles oreilles preferred you to make a phonecall. The opportunity presenting itself and, finally, as well take the opportunity to discuss a key moment of his career. Why, therefore, you to pick you once on the plateau of the mythical emission Chilli dressed in costumes that appear to have been borrowed from the wardrobe of a program for children with special twisted ? application does it all go to Yves P. Pelletier, despite an agenda of imposing many other topics.


“You see, is that I had to turn Karmina [horror-comedy, Gabriel Pelletier (1996)], and I had half of the head shaved,” he remembers. As I could not appear in public with this cup, I put a beanie or a hat on the head, then it became a tradition. “Rather than have the air crazy, why not just outright make the crazy ?


“In my head, I’m perfectly normal,” insists our interlocutor, upon hearing the word madness. “I swear to you that I have never grown my innocence or my naïveté. It is quite natural for me. I tell you a story, OK ? “Of course.


“When I was in college, there was a girl that I found immensely beautiful and I was trying awkwardly to flirt. One day, I finally dare to say to him : “Excuse me, you’re really very beautiful eyebrows.” And it is true that she had beautiful eyebrows ! But she did never talked about it. She looked at me as if I was a raving lunatic. In my naivety, I had thought that it was a nice compliment to offer. “


Variety performer and proud of it


It will be understood that this is not yesterday that Yves P. Pelletier has a slight gap on the rest of society calls reality. An inclination to contemplate through the bibitte human, thanks to which it will become the RBO the dreamer and the strangest of the band, a sort of Pierrot, the moon on acid that does dédaignerait not the satisfaction occasional joke scatological.


“I am able to be this misanthrope to look extremely sharp, but I am, in general, completely instinctive, more the type to seek the flower in the pile of manure “, he confirms in his own words, as we come quietly to the subject he had to discuss that day : I ?, a comedy show with its own name, including the return to montreal is fast approaching, and that the argument invites us to rejoice. It is that, against all odds, the curious jack-of-all dusted off and finally his unforgettable characters Stromgol the alien and mr. Caron.

I am able to be this misanthrope to look extremely sharp, but I am in general, so completely instinctive, more the type to seek the flower in the pile of manure
Yves P. Pelletier

Born from scraps of jokes written for the mini-tour The Tunes of RBO, this first solo comic career, in addition to allow Pelletier to satisfy his irrepressible desire to dress-up, will force the man rather secret to be revealed in the course of some segments of stand-up traditional. But we should not expect major revelations, warns the one for whom the happiness to be found as much in emotion as in numbers strictly nonos.


“When people ask me, “what is it that you do in life ?” and I reply that I am an artist of variety, and I insist on the word variety, because it is what pleases me, ” says the one who has two feature films (the sublime, The magnets and the friendly kiss of the bearded), two comic co-signed to The Watermelon in the company of illustrators Pascal Girard and Iris, as well as two seasons of a show on responsible tourism to TV5 (From otherwise).


“I never get tired of watching Charlie Chaplin and, yet, this is the kick in the ass, it is the clown and, at the same time, I also admire many a Boucar Diouf who makes me think. The important thing, in a show, I think it is the mix of ingredients. “


The humour anywhere on the planet


A music-lover and knowledgeable, enthusiastic reader bédés and large accustomed to entertainment of all kinds, Yves P. Pelletier co-hosts in 2006 and 2007 to the antenna of the tv Radio-Canada’s cultural magazine Next exit. In other words : the veteran is really not know Me ? picks in 2018 for a market that is humorous, reducing the word “oversaturated” to the rank of understatement.


“It is an eternal question and I understand that it asks, even if you can’t take the weight of the place of humour in Quebec on the shoulders of the comedians, advocates there. It is sure to travel with a band or with a backdrop, it’s expensive, it’s difficult. It should be, yes, more help the artists of theatre or dance to travel anywhere in the region. “


Very well. But beyond this noble wish, the globe-trotter Pelletier observed a little everywhere on the planet, a meeting between the zeitgeist and a mode of expression that requires only a microphone, a bottle of water and a stool, commonly referred to as humor. “In Mumbai, where I went, the scene of the stand-up comic and the network of comedy clubs is in full boil. A bit like rap, humour has something playful that allows you to touch the writing, performance, lots of things. And then, it is easy for anyone to think of funny up on stage and try. “


New evidence that the stand-up, it’s easy and accessible : even the old lean of 56 years are now trying their luck.

Me ?

Yves P. Pelletier. At the Monument – National on the 17th of January. At the salle Albert-Rousseau on 30 January. On tour throughout Quebec.