Zakharov saw the decision of the IOC in an attempt to “fill up Russia”

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova saw the decision of the International Olympic Committee trying to “fill up Russia”. His thoughts politician shared with citizens after the announcement of the findings of the Commission.


Zakharov is convinced that Russians can’t be broken and no prohibitions, limitations, sanctions and threats cannot force professionals to abandon the sport. Representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs believes that the world has long predicted the decline of sports development and stadiums were supposed to be flea markets, but the country does not give up.

Earlier it became known that the international Olympic Committee decided to suspend the Russian delegation’s participation in the Olympic games. So the Commission has responded to multiple cases of use of Russian athletes doping. At the same time, “clean” participants will be able to enjoy the game, but under a neutral flag.