Zhebrivskyi on intention to quit: Activities of the Commission on audit, the NEB should be animirovan

Жебривский о намерении уйти в отставку: Деятельность комиссии по аудиту НАБУ должна быть унормирована

The former head of the Donetsk CAA, member of the Board of external control for auditing the effectiveness of the activities of NABOO Paul zhebrivskyi said that amendments to the law on Anticorruption Bureau has already been developed and needs to regulate the work of the Commission. About this zhebrivskyi said on the air “Evening Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the changes prepared together with two other members of the Commission Vladimir Vasilenko and Mikhail Buromenskiy.

“Today, those who Finance auditors, it is unclear who provides the office is not clear what rights and powers is unclear. And we have prepared with Vasilenko and Buromenskiy changes in the law on the NABU, introduced, article 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, where he discharged all these things that the legislature is somehow forgotten, and expect a decision by the Verkhovna Rada. We were offered that we can semi-work in Committee on fight against organized crime and corruption, we refused, because it is illegitimate. We would like our activities were normalized at the legislative level. As for us, we change to the law was prepared, and the algorithm of the audit to date we have prepared, but we need the legislator has provided us with this opportunity. I think if it is delayed, then, for example, for me, the meaning to be registered by the auditor of NABOO just yet. There are other areas of the state Ukraine where I can apply my knowledge, strength and mind,” said zhebrivskyi.

He hopes that in September the parliamentary Committee on preventing and combating corruption initiates consideration in the Parliament.

As reported, President Petro Poroshenko appointed Zhebrivskyi auditor NABOO.

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