Zhirinovsky called sports racism the removal of Russia from the Olympics

The verdict of the IOC in relation to Russia can be considered a sport racism. This statement was made Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky.


The head of the liberal democratic party has described the decision of the IOC’s suspension of the Russian team from participation in the Olympic games 2018 sports-political racism. According to Zhirinovsky, the Committee intends to wait for the winter Games, which Russia is most successfully acts. LDPR leader believes that the imminent presidential elections is also influenced by this factor, which can be considered a “political provocation”.

Zhirinovsky proposes to boycott the South Korean Olympics. He said athletes can participate at the Olympics just from their state, if their country was removed, it is also not allowed and its representatives.

Yesterday the IOC verdict to dismiss the Russian Olympic team from the Games in Pyeongchang after the investigation of the use of doping. “Clean” athletes from Russia can go to competitions, but under the neutral banner.