Zhirinovsky: Kim Jong-UN could disrupt the Olympics-2018 in solidarity

The leader of the liberal democratic party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky said about the possible disruption of the upcoming Olympics 2018, which can realize North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN out of a sense of solidarity.


Zhirinovsky said that Russia is the obvious enemy of creation of artificial obstacles in the way of a variety of athletes planning to participate in the next Olympic games to be held in Pyongyang. However, he added that Games can be thwarted by the efforts of Kim Jong-UN, leader of North Korea, if he seriously will be fascinated by the passion and sense of solidarity to your partner – Russia.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared, Kim Jong-UN understands that the decision on suspension of Russian athletes is a consequence of the actions of the American government, a staunch opponent of which he is, so it can take some measures that will affect the participation of athletes from other countries.