Zhirinovsky told about the “real” candidates for President of Russia

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky gave comments regarding the participation of Vladimir Putin in the 2018 presidential race. On my channel Telegram liberal Democrat called “real” candidates to win elections in Russia.


Today, December 6, the current leader of Russia announced its decision to participate in presidential elections next year. Putin’s statement has already commented on some policy. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, expressed his opinion in a Telegram. He believes that the head of state before opened all the cards: he had to wait with this announcement and make it after the New year. This, according to liberal Democrat, would allow time to see the reaction of the West.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky also called “real” chances of candidates to win. According to the politician, there are only two competing party – he and Putin. All others will not gain more than one percent of the vote.